Lookeen Desktop Search Releases Lookeen Free

Lookeen Desktop Search is a desktop search tool for Windows. Before it was only available in commercial versions, but now you can get the free version with Lookeen Free. This version can be downloaded by anyone, but its features are limited compared to the professional version. Lookeen free also recently received some updates which now allows the program to index other drives. This option was not available in the original release of Lookeen Free. The interface of the free version is slightly different as it no longer shows any of the features that aren’t available for the free version.lookeen

Lookeen free will need to index, and while the best advice to be given here it to let it index while you no longer need the computer for the day, if this is not an option for you, not to worry—Indexing for Lookeen may take a while, and may use up some resources, you will still be able to go about your normal business and work while it indexes in the background.

The indexing options for Lookeen are a great reason to use this search tool. The options allow you to have full control of how frequently you want indexing to happen, picking the best choice that suits your needs. You can choose from three different options for indexing, which are: real-time, scheduled, and manual. The real time option basically works in the background. It will automatically begin indexing when any kind of change is made within your computer’s file system. The schedule option will let you pick a time that indexing will happen, this allows you to pick a time when you don’t need the computer or when you are using it for simple tasks. You also have the manual option, where you have to remember to go in and manually choose for indexing to start. If you tend to be a forgetful person you might want to choose one of the other two options so you won’t have another thing you need to remember.

The initial indexing for Lookeen may take up an extended period of time, but the advantages are many once this initial index is done. This will make your searches instant because the index has already been created. Lookeen Free is a fast and great search tool and a wonderful alternative to windows search. If you have copious amounts of files on your computer and are constantly looking for what you need, then this is the program for you. If you realize that you would like more from your searches, Lookeen offers other editions that are not free, but are worth the money.

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