Know Professional Makeup Tips Without Spending Big Bucks

Every makeup enthusiast knows her tricks well, but still waits for more hacks. Makeup is like a sea, full of new tricks and tips. There is abundant knowledge of what is right and what wrong and unexplored territories of products. We want to explore all possibilities by hook or crook. But what if you get all these tips without doing a hole in your pocket? Yes, I am showering you with secrets that can be learned only at makeup school-

Professional Makeup Tips

1) Buy good Tools

Makeup tools are as important as makeup skills. None can survive without each other. Spending some money on good tools will not just give good results but it will also be a long time investment. With mediocre stuff you have average results. To get best results you need to use high quality products. Once you have professional tools, next it is important to hold them correctly. For example a brush is supposed to be placed in the correct way to get good results. If you hold your brush near to the barrel, you are automatically putting in a lot of effort. To apply color evenly, hold the brush from the centre.

2) Primer and Foundation

There are three types of foundation- cream, liquid and powder. Cream foundation can be mixed with primer. By not putting primer before the foundation we add on to our advantages. This does not give a caked on look and the primer easily blends with the foundation. For oily skin use a cream foundation with sponge as this will pick the pigment but not oil present in the foundation.

3) Conceal Flaws

There are many stubborn marks on our face that just refuse to go even after rubbing and scrubbing. While hiding them always remember opposite colors hide each other. So a reddish part around the nose will get vanished by using green pigmented concealer.

4) Face shape

Contouring is art that can be learnt with time and practise. It is an activity that if done right magically gives your face a new shape. Any part of the face that is lighter than the overall skin tone will look more prominent. For example if you have a round face and you want to make it look oval, you can apply a bronzer that two shade darker than your own skin tone.

5) Opposites Attract

When styling and contrasting, always remember opposite shades look attractive with each other. For eye makeup, if you have blue eyes, use a color opposite to it that will make your eyes stand out. Like shades of orange will highlight your eyes. For green eyes, a red shade or deep plums or wines will work best.

6) Eye liner

Use the eye liner correctly. Never try to apply the eyeliner in one go. Take breaks, that is start from the inner corner and end it in the middle. Again dip the eyeliner, and continue from the middle till the end. This will make a straight simple line without any bumps.
Already feeling like a star who got her makeup from a makeup artist? Keep following these steps by adding some personal effect too.

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