Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Good For Weight Loss?

What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract All About?

The GCBE or GCB extract is an extract that is made from the unrefined green coffee beans. These coffee beans are basically extracted from the trees, and then dragged from their external husk that surrounds them. They are then processed further and grounded into powder form, after which, they are added in pill forms and packaged for retailing.


At no time are these coffee beans ever roasted. The prime reason as why they are not roasted is that the prime ingredient that helps greatly with weight loss as well as the glucose control is the chlorogenic acid that is destroyed when roasted. The main reason that you cannot simply drink coffee to get the same weight loss advantage as you can from these green coffee bean extract.

Do You Know About Chlorogenic Acid?

Also known as the GCA, it is a natural plant chemical or called as phytochemical that is found in these green coffee beans. This ingredient is largely destroyed when these beans are roasted. This is what most people are after when they consider consuming the green coffee bean extract.

How Does Chlorogenic Acid and Green Coffee Bean Extract Help With Weight Loss?

There actually two main ways that this extract works, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Firstly, the chlorogenic acid aids in blocking the glucose from entering its bloodstream from within the small intestines, where most of the nutrients and sugar generally enter the rest of the body. This has an apparent effect of lowering the blood sugar levels.

Secondly, the chlorogenic acid also stimulates the production of insulin.  Insulin is a chemical that the body produces itself which attaches to the glucose and pulls it into the cell throughout the body, where it can be utilized for energy. As the production of insulin stimulates, the blood sugar lever are further reduced, and more glucose is available for use as a primary source of energy. The metabolism and energy levels thereby increase along with lowered blood sugar levels.

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted that have proved the coffee bean extracts beneficial with the weight loss. The chlorogenic acid has been helping them greatly to lose the extra pounds, and they have been able to lose more weight over a period of several weeks time.

With numerous products available today, and some unscrupulous salesmen and dealers to sell them, you need to ensure you buy the best green coffee bean extract supplements to aid yourself with the weight loss journey.