Brow Lift: What Are Your Options

Are you thinking of undergoing a brow lift? If so, you have to know that there exist some different techniques for the procedure. The one chosen by your doctor depends on your requirements, and therefore, you have to see him or her so as to make this decision. But until that time, here are some options that are available for you:

  • Coronal brow lift technique

Whether you visit Melbourne Brow Lift or your choice brow lift specialist, they may decide to utilize the coronal brow lift technique. This method is seen to have a conventional aspect. It actually involves making incisions above hairlines. This means that the scar in question becomes very invisible. Moreover, your hairline and eyebrows will now sit much higher on the head than they were before. Also, your forehead will appear somewhat smoother.

  • Trichophytic technique

The next option that your Melbourne Brow Lift or brow lift specialist is likely to utilize on you is the trichophytic technique. This resembles the coronal technique, but here the incisions are done on the hairline rather than behind it. The outcome is that your hairline isn’t raised, but your eyebrows are. Since it resembles the traditional method, it’s usually recommended especially for those of you who don’t want their hair to begin higher on their heads than it does. However, you should always remember that in case you start to lose your hair; the scar will definitely become visible.

  • Temporal brow lift

Another alternative that your doctor, whether from Melbourne Brow Lift or any other facility, may suggest to you is referred to as the temporal brow lift. In this method, the doctor makes a few little incisions just near the temples and on your forehead side. Even though these incisions are little, and most of them are usually hidden in the scalp, a little scarring will appear on your forehead side. Moreover, since cuts done in your skin are small, the outcome doesn’t last longer compared to the traditional method. You will have, for quite some time, the advantage of having your eyebrows outer parts lifted, but eventually you will require to visit your doctor to repeat the procedure in the future.

  • Endoscopic brow lift

The next brow lift technique that you may choose is called endoscopic brow lift. However, the choice of this method usually goes with those people who think that several little incisions made on them are more appealing than having a single long cut. This option requires the Melbourne Brow Lift experts or any other brow lift specialist to do small cuts on their patients scalp so that they can be hidden by their hair. Their hairlines and foreheads will be moved upward. Though the technique is believed to be minimally invasive, the patients aren’t likely to obtain exceptionally noticeable results. Therefore, it’s normally recommended for people whose brows just require slight correction.

Best technique

Normally, all doctors, Melbourne Brow Lift or any other brow lift specialist, allows their patients to know and understand the available options. They also can choose the best alternative for you although you have a say too. That’s why it’s important to understand these options with consultations with your choice brow lift specialist.