4 Ways To Pick A Goal and Then Achieve It

No matter what type of goal you have in mind to help you achieve a better life, you’ll find that any type of behavior that requires you to change your habits is going to be extremely difficult. Your willpower is not the problem, and your desire is not the problem – your habits are the problem!

So habits are the biggest issue keeping your from a better job, a better diet, a better relationship, a better life – what do you do about that? Well, here are four basic ways that you can keep yourself going as you pick a goal and then work to achieve it.

4 Ways To Pick A Goal and Then Achieve It

Prepare Your Motivation In Advance       

One slip up, one day of negativity or depression, and your diet and fitness routine, or your energy to learn more about your industry, is suddenly destroyed. And then your goal-oriented behavior is gone before it ever really started. To combat this situation, your best bet is to set yourself up with some motivation to occur when you have moments of weakness and frustration. One great way to do this is to have a electronic bookmark so you can read motivational quotes of people you admire every time you’re feeling down or low on energy. A good picture and good quote is sometimes all you need to get moving again.

Be Realistic From the Beginning         

If your goal is to eventually be an astronaut, your first step isn’t going to be ‘build a spaceship’. When you find success stories of people changing their habits and achieving their goals, you’ll see they always begin with baby steps to change their habits. One simple thing at a time, and mathematically, you’re guaranteed to get to your goal as long as it’s grounded in a realistic time frame. In this case, effort is not the issue, it’s planning and attitude.

Work With a Group     

Did you know working with a group is more successful than working toward a goal by yourself? This has been proven time and time again. So regardless of what your personal goal is, if you are either in a group that is working toward the same goal, or even just part of a group that inspires and motivates you to continue on your own path, that will be your best bet for success.

Consider Your Priorities Before You Consider Your Goal  

One thing many people don’t consider is the fact that it’s important to synchronize your goals with your priorities. If cleaning your house isn’t important to you, why put your mental effort into changing habits regarding that activity? It would suit you better to change habits that improve the more important parts of your life, and that way you’ll stick to you plan much more effectively.