4 Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

The growth in digital and social media has become unstoppable for any business whether it is business to business or business to consumer, becoming a part of the social media revolution is absolutely important now. If brands themselves are not social media savvy, then their consumers can bring them on this platform by constantly talking about them. With the growth in social media, there are now specialist social media agencies rising up so that brands can better manage their online presence in social media.

It is largely said for a brand to have a good penetration into the online world, it should be present on all social media platforms. However, in all cases, this might not be really true. This is because one has to then manage all the social media platforms where they are present with the same effectiveness. Similarly, the strategy and message for all social media platforms has to be relevant and holistic. This is why it is important for brands to understand which platforms do they need for social media and then work on developing a solid strategy for them. Today’s blog is going to talk about four best social media platforms for your business in 2015.


Twitter is a platform which can be like your hotline for the business. It comprises of 142 character posts and a post can be sent a multiple times. To be effective on Twitter, you must understand two things. First is the fact that your target audience is actively present there, because Twitter is not famous in all age groups or countries. Second is to see the kind of interaction they do on Twitter. Your strategy on Twitter can include prompt answers to customer queries, sharing relevant URLs and diverting traffic to your website or primary social media pages.


Instagram is now a stage where millions of people share hundreds and thousands of photos and content. Celebrities also endorse lots of brands on Instagram, so if you have a business which is more directly related to consumers or event management, then Instagram is one of the perfect platforms for you to be on. Very soon, you will also have paid advertising started on the Instagram page, which will make it much more interesting and with a high reach.


LinkedIn is a much more professionally driven platform where consumers are not directly interacting with brands. However, if you have a business to business, brand, then LinkedIn can be an effective platform or place to be on in terms of finding leads and people for meetings.


Last but not the least, one cannot ignore the importance of Facebook. It is constantly evolving to be a platform which is the core of any effective and holistic social media strategy. Facebook is an amazing platform for all kinds of businesses and brands if used in the right manner and with the right campaigns. It can drive traffic to your website, increase your conversions and collect a strong fan base on social pages and other social media platforms.

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Christiana Antiga is the author of this blog post. Christiana works as an Account Executive for a social media company in the Middle East. He is very keen on blogging about social media tools and platforms, her blogs can be found on Assignment writing at AssignmentDoer.co.uk follow her on: Twitter