10 Tips To Capture Great Reception Party Photos

After the wedding event, reception is the next important event for newly married couples.  This is the time when both bride and groom dress up more elegantly and ready to take family pictures.  Generally, guests do attend reception if couldn’t attend wedding.  Receptions are generally held in larger space area to accommodate huge guest list. Right from the location decoration to candid shots of guests, the photographer need to capture the best during the reception party events.


This article provides 10 tips on how to capture great reception party shots:

  • Shoot the Entry of Couples: Before the reception begins, couple do a grand entry that should never be missed to capture. Shoot their entry in low angle view to make it look grand. This can be either done in back shot or front shot.
  • Capture Candid Shots: After clicking candid during wedding, capture the best shots during reception too. You can capture guests wishing the newly married couple or guests having fun during conversation.
  • Capture the Décor: As said reception is generally held in classy locations, so capture the essence of the location. Make use of right lights that are present and get the best shot of the entire venue.
  • Do a Separate Shoot of Couple: Before bride and groom enter the event, do a shoot while they are getting ready. Take some candid shots and also do a portfolio shoot.
  • Carry High End Gear: Right from wide angle lens to flash, carry a good gear to capture the best shot. Depth of field and crisp photo are two most important part of capturing great reception party shot.
  • Capture Food: Be it the wedding or reception, food is the important part to shoot. Capture the hot and freshly cooked food items in a unique angle to make it look yummy. Generally, food photography are done in 45degree angle shot, so try capturing in the same.
  • Using of Telephoto and Macro Lens: As said depth of field is important, you need to carry a telephoto lens that can help you to capture long shots and macro to shoot food items.  Check out the wide angle telephoto lens that can give you the best shot.
  • Lights and Lights: Whether you are shooting in open area or interior, make the best use of lights available to make the couple look adorable and the event classy.
  • Stay Attentive:  As a wedding photographer you need to be attentive to capture the best shots and not to miss any.  You need to keep moving and hunting for best capture of people and event.
  • Capturing Group Pic: It is better to hire a second shooter who can concentrate on capturing group photos, and you can capture the other activities of the event. You can hire the best photographers from canvera.