Things Only Sensitive Men Will Understand About You

Every man is different in his own way. You could be with the funny one, the serious one, the childish one, the sensitive one or any other kind. It is true that it is easier to understand a man than a woman but different men have their own ways of treating women. And when it comes to a sensitive type of a boy or man, here is what he understands about you.

  • He gets that you need space post a fight: Yes, he will let you forget about the argument and give some space. Because he is thinking about it as much as you are, and he cannot bear that you are hurt.
  • He can sit and really listen: They just don’t stare but really listen.
  • He knows things are bothering you: Well, most men know when their ladylove is bothered with something, but if your man is sensitive towards you, he will catch it instantly and help you out instead of giving suggestions.


  • Talking is better than ignoring: If something is upsetting both of you, then he will be around to talk about it rather than ignoring it. If he is not able to spend enough time with you, then he will find a solution and consider your comfort too.
  • He knows how to make you laugh: Well, if your loved one is a funny man, then laughing isn’t a problem. But a sensitive one will cheer you up with the things you like and make sure he makes you laugh too. So, while he does this, you too should surprise with some love jokes for him.
  • He loves your family: He is nice to everyone in your family, and he loves them too. Your mom and he bond like a house on fire!
  • He isn’t jealous of your male friends: He knows that you have to work in a place where you will have guy friends too, and he trusts you a lot so why be jealous?
  • You know he will be a great dad: The time he plays with your nephew or is happy to babysit your niece or nephew is the time you really feel he will be a great dad. Also, he bonds with random kids you two come across at restaurants.
  • He is always on your side: He does stand for the right, but he doesn’t leave you side too. He is diplomatic at the right moments.
  • He doesn’t get mad for no reason: If he has had a bad day or not gotten enough sleep, he won’t remove the frustration on you. Instead he will share his problem and ask you to help him out in the best way possible.
  • He is still super cool: Sensitive men aren’t less manly than the others; they are just considerate of their ladylove. He will still get into a fight for you and ride cool cars and motorbikes!

So, if you are in love with a sensitive guy, make sure you put in efforts to because he is only going to appreciate them and give better back in return. These points are what men themselves had to say in a survey conducted.

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