The Main Features Of Tasco 7X35 Essentials Binoculars

Binocular is an interesting gadget and everyone wants to have one to take its benefits whenever needed. As kids we get fascinated with whatever we see through those lenses and as adults we start understanding how to best use binoculars at various places and for different needs.

These are the perfect binoculars to have with you while watching the natural views in the natural light conditions. Its wide focus, powerful magnifying effects and easy adjustable visual preferences makes it apt for multipurpose use. Even in the unfavorable light conditions like snow, fog and drizzling, you can be sure of best view, thanks to its unique features. The material and structure also ensure the extreme convenience and durability you can bank on.

Zip Focus System

The nature is not always on your side when you want to enjoy it in its full essence. For instance, you might need to enjoy the view of distant objects during snow or fog but can be disappointed by blurred look. In that situation, its special Zip Focus System helps you to change the blurred look to crystal clear view with certain crispness with just turning the wheel slightly.

Field of View

At an impressive 500 feet, the field of view will certainly bring out the unique characteristics to the object effortlessly. Viewing an object is one thing, observing its minute features that constitute the whole beauty is another. With these binoculars you won’t be viewing only the whole beauty of the object but can be able to observe the minute features: color, contrast and gradient that offers the entire beauty to object.

Wide Angle of View

At 9.5 degree the binoculars gives an adequate freedom to your eyes to move around a wider space without leaving the beauty of “big picture”. It gives a unique touch to the whole view and does a great service of further refining your vision. It is extremely useful while observing the distant views of huge, sprawling scenario like mountains, jungles, ocean, etc.

Durability and Ease of Use

These binoculars also offer extreme durability and ease of use. The rubber-armored body not only makes it easier to maintain the grip on the binoculars but also gives them an appreciable resistance against unfavorable weather conditions, rubbing against rough surfaces and settling of particles.

7x Magnification

The objects that you want to enjoy from a long distance needs to be magnified to a certain level. To enhance the beauty of such small objects and prevent them from slipping off our focus, you need a very powerful magnifying capacity. At 7x you get the perfect magnification that lets you enjoy even the minutest detail of the object.

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