Standard and Best Ear Buds Under 100 Dollars

You have some of the ear buds costing less than 100 dollars. However, there is no reason to believe that if you buy the ear buds in the lesser price range you would have to make compromises in matters of quality. These days the good ear buds are available for so cheap. So, you just have to keep watch for the latest items and on finding the models it is important that you check with the price list. However, when browsing the net it is customary that you will look for the best products in the genre. These are the best items you can make use of in less than the price range.


There are some of the best earbuds under 100 dollars. It is necessary that you well search for the items. You can start your search with the Shure SE215 (9/10). When it is the question of quality earbuds you would really love the products from Shure. This is the well known brand available in the market and the gadget comes with the typical design which makes the same last for years. The ear bud has the best name in the aesthetic department. The best part of the design is that you can remove the cable when it is not in use.

More Ear Bud Specifications

However, some say that the earphone is not quite durable. Much depends on the method of usage, because gadgets are sure not to respond well when handled improperly. The product is all the more sturdy and this is the reason you can expect the model to perform for long time. Moreover, the ear bud is designed in the manner that you are sure to feel comfortable when you wear them. The ear bud also has the isolation feature and this is the typical characteristic of the gadget.

The Details to Know about HiFiMan RE-400 (8/10)

You have the second ear bud model of HiFiMan RE-400 (8/10). This is not a much heard about brand. The brand is quite popular in the audiophile market. This is the reason the product is so expensive and difficult to be accessed. However, the good part is that the ear bud is sure not to cost more than 10 dollars. The price of the item is less when compared to the delivered quality. This is the perfect version for the passionate music enthusiasts and it is a good product to choose by the average group of the music lovers.

Knowing about Bose SoundTrue (8/10)

Among the best earbuds under 100 dollars one can even mention the name of Bose SoundTrue (8/10). The brand is available in three different versions. The first version is the standard set and this comes without the mic. However, in case you want the product along with the mic then you should stay ready to pay more than 100 bucks. The ear bud is available in assortment of colours and among the shades you have cranberry and white. The colour can well combine with the design of StayHearand this makes the same so attractive and eye catching.