Roof Top Dining – Once You’ve Tried it You’ll Never go Back

When it comes to dining and drinking experiences, there is no shortage of interesting and imaginative places where people are serving food and drinks. The dining experience nowadays is more than just sitting down for a good meal – no matter how good the meal is – it’s now much more than that. It’s about the wine that’s served with it, the overall environment, the visual effects, sounds and smells. Today’s dining experience is about stimulating all of you senses.

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Roof Top Dining

Dining on the roof top gives food lovers that multi-sensual experience in possibly the most natural way. There is something natural and refreshing about eating in the open air. Maybe it is taking us back to those caveman days, or is just the relaxation and calm that a slight breeze and fresh sensation gives. But roof top dining doesn’t have to mean open air dining. Some roof top restaurants will give the impression of being open air by surrounding itself with glass, whilst giving you protection from the elements.

Traditionally the city’s chic-est restaurants were perched on the top of multi-story buildings, and often were revolving in nature – allowing guests to see a panoramic view of the whole city from the comfort of their chair. Whilst there are still a number of revolving roof top restaurants, the trend is quickly changing.

Being on the top of a roof, you get a visual burst of a city, a view of the essence of the city, from above. Whilst the streets hustle and bustle below, you get to sit and watch from the tranquillity of your chair whilst munching on a delicious meal or supping on a refreshing cocktail.

You are well above the noise of cars and smell of fumes which can often ruin a dining or social experience of being outside on street level. So you get the best of both worlds – being outside, but separate from the factors that can lessen your experience.

Catch Roof

The Catch Roof dining experience is one such experience. It may not be quirky or even, gimmicky like some; but it’s about excellent food, excellent service and a wonderful setting. Set in the heart of New York’s meat packing district, Catch Roof is actually more than just a restaurant – you can hang out there the whole night. You can start off with a gastronomically gorgeous meal, have a few drinks and then dance the night away, all in the same place.

The Catch Roof staffs are especially trained for making their guests feel comfortable and relaxed in their glass surrounded, roof top environment. The service is the same as the food – second to none.

Whether you are looking for good food, a social drink with friends or to boogie into the small hours, there is no better place to do it than NYC roof top. This is what Catch Roof has to offer and this is why it is a special experience that everyone deserves to have.