Low Maintenance And Reduced Costs Are The Biggest Advantages Of The Condominiums

Individual ownership

Condominium provides the residents with the ownership of their personal units and the shared ownership to the common places and public spaces like parks etc. Living in the condo, one does not have to look after the lawns and gardens. There is no responsibility of the condo resident to take care or contribute in the exterior part of the building, and people enjoy this freedom a lot. The owners of the building take care about the maintenance and the management of the common spaces and the exterior of the building. This is the much appreciable factor of the condominiums but the high budget and lavish condos like Pier27 has other lavish facilities but the residents have to pay for the exteriors as well.

Access to the facilities

The Pier 27 provides the residents with the facilities like pool, private theater, party rooms, gyms and spa, but on the other side people have to pay for the maintenance also. So, people prefer low budget condos. In Pier 27 tower, there is a lavish swimming pool made on the 13th floor of the tower. The swimming pool is very large and it is on the terrace. Not only the pool, there are several other luxuries provided by the owners. There are different gaming and various yoga rooms in the tower. On the other hand, an expansive rooftop is also the part of the condo.

Affordable costs

The reports say that, buying a unit in a condominium is cheaper as compared to buy a family house. Many families say that buying an apartment in a condo provides them with a low cost alternative. Living life in urban areas has become easy with the creation of the condominiums. It is now very easy to afford a condo instead of a family house in the good urban area. In condos, major expenses are shared and there is no burden on the single individual.

Sites and locations

The location of Pier 27 Condos is eye catching. The tower right now is under construction because the additional features being added. Pedestrian friendly walkways and bike lines are added to the facilities   of the tower. The Streetcar and the subway are nearby the tower, which is a big convenience for the residents of the condo. Lavish condos are created because of the success of the low budget condos. Makers know that people favor the condo living.

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