How Decision Science Can Make Things Better

There are many people in this world that long for the perfect family life. No one loves staying in a home where there is disagreement, conflict and bitterness. However, most of us are not aware on how we can actually resolve differences with our loved ones in peace and allow harmony to dwell in our homes. It is here that a skilled professional like Annie Duke steps in to help. She is a mentor and coach who is introducing to us the wonders of Decision Science not only to the corporate world but to family life as well.

How Decision Science Can Make Things Better

Annie Duke has been the celebrated poker queen of the USA for over 20 years. Many do not know that she studied cognitive psychology and used those techniques to win her poker tournaments back to back. She emerged as one of the best women poker players in the world. Today, she is going one step further to help her fellow beings taste the same fruits of winning and success with Decision Science. She has not only helped business organizations, but is now extending her hand to people and parents who wish to have peace and a harmonious relationship at home.

Her Decision Science philosophies are a hit with parents who are trying to build a harmonious relationship with their kids. She is a counselor and mentor giving parents successful tricks and tips on how they can get their views across their kids without using force, conflict and disagreement. Annie Duke says that most of the time when parents want their child to do something they resort to an ultimatum. They think that this is good for the child to learn but unfortunately, it has the opposite effect.

Children do not like the ultimatum and mostly it breeds resentment and disrespect. Since they cannot go over their parents they reluctantly have no choice but to do as they say. This damages the relationship and later the levels of trust too. This is not only with children. Adult members of a family also wish to get things done but again the negative communication leads to disagreements and arguments. At times this hampers peace so badly that even life at home becomes suffocating.

In short, one has to maintain and balance their emotions when crucial decision making challenges arise. Luckily Decision Science helps. You just have to be aware of it.  Annie Duke has donned the mantle of a coach and helping people across the nation understand the simple philosophy of Decision Science and how it can in a short span of time transform your relationships at home. Instead of focusing on the outcome, it will first focus on the balancing of your emotions and how you positively can use them in negotiations at the kitchen table with your loved ones.

It is through awareness and implementation of the simple Decision Science philosophy techniques that makes life at home simpler minus the conflict!