Free Online Typing Games For Kids

Education is said to be the best gift a parent can give to a kid, and with this century’s global embrace of internet technology; we definitely want our kids to be integrated into this digital world too, I bet that is why you got your kid a PC to get started with the typing among other basics but quickly realized they can’t keep off too much gaming. So a big concern arises, is it possible to have these young minds learn and also have fun? Yes of course it is, there are many interactive learning typing tools online especially typing games that offer great learning experience, this article will give you a brief insight on some of them.


Word Mountain

This innovative typing game has been tailored for both young kids and teens, a player is required to climb to the mountain top by typing certain letters or words as quickly as possible. It features several levels that begin with a cute bird character at the bottom of the mountain for the race. But the player has to be on the lookout of the opponents trying to beat them to the top. One has to use special power-ups to slow them down and speed up ahead. As they progress, the words that have to typed become longer and more complicated. This game will not only improve your child’s typing speed and spelling capability but also improve their hand and eye coordination.

Dance Mat typing game

This game stands out from the rest because it relates touch sensitivity for play and boost your child’s typing skills. It basically requires them to type without having to use sense of sight so as to find the keys, but with time they will recognize their position on the keyboard through muscle memory to improve speed and accuracy dramatically. Dance mat typing game has various levels that must be completed in order to finish the course. Its interface holds colorful cartoons that interact with the players and guide them through the stages. The game focuses on how to use the letter keys, apply basic punctuation marks, capitalize words while developing a player’s touch typing skills.

Safari Park typing game

In the Safari Park game, your Viking ship undertakes an exciting adventure. By typing the correct words and letters, you protect your ship from turtles and alligators. The objective of the game is to type the words and finish spelling them correctly just before the bricks land on the conveyer belt. As you type the words properly, these bricks make way for the tourists as they admire different sceneries. The ones you miss will land in a pile, if the pile grows large enough, it will topple onto the ship and destroy the tourist attractions you’re building. The game makes use of letters, numbers and special characters on your keyboard with which you can type single letters or whole words.

Type For Gold

This is a popular game that you can get for your kids to practice typing skills, its target is to make a player’s character run as fast. The faster a player types – the faster his character will run! This fun-filled learning game provides hours of enjoyment and will put a smile on the players face. It’s important to note that typing wrong words only makes the character slow down and lose the game. They have to type their way to first place through Round 1, Round 2 and the Semi Finals. The learner will also earn great points and prove his typing skills.

First type two

The main goal of this typing game is to complete typing as many words as possible within a limited time, for example the player is give 30 seconds to try and type fast before the timer stops at 0. At the end of the game, you generate a report based on the number of words the player had typed, and their typing accuracy levels. The game offers nice graphics, excellent sound effects that make it a catchy and fun.


Most of these typing games aren’t only for young kids but the older learners as well as the adults. I particularly engage in the games with my own kid, even though I get beaten most of the time, I still have fun, evaluate his learning and bond with my beloved.

One more thing

If you have kids who already have established speed and accuracy, they can take free and simple typing test online and print speed certificates, it’s all for free.