Characteristics Of Good Pool Services

A good pool service company always achieves the customer’s satisfaction and exceeds the expectation of services that the client has. Maintaining a pool is not as simple as you think it is, they must carefully analyze its water content and safety first. A good company always have reliable technician to thoroughly check the water sample, add the right amount of chemical and maintain its crystal clear appearance.


Characteristics of a Pool Service

CPO Certified Technicians

You as the client should make sure that the company you are hiring has CPO certified technicians to ensure that the quality and maintenance of the water is at its best. This also ensures that they are up to date about the new trends and the latest scientific method of pool servicing. A yearly schooling can also help them add more knowledge and innovation in their skills.

They have Insurance

Insurance is the most important factor that a good pool service company has; this will provide costumers like you the assurance of its safety and peace of mind. Having an insurance would mean that the company will pay the damages in the property and also the hazard they bring to the homeowner if something goes wrong or the pool is poorly treated.

Weekly Pool Check-up

Weekly pool checkup is very important to avoid improper treatment and to monitor the color of the water of your pool carefully to avoid false reading so that the safety of family when using the pool can be ensured. All testing are done by the pool service company by using a computer process to make it more accurate and very precise. Weekly monitoring helps the customer lower the expense due to early detection of issues in the pool and provides the most economical way of maintaining it.

Weekly Inspection and Process:

  • Detailed water analysis
  • Salinity testing
  • Adding Chlorine, Soda Ash, Bicarbonate, Muriatic Acid as required
  • Weekly record of chemical data
  • Checking pool equipment
  • Cleaning salt cell when it is required
  • Cleaning vacuum, pump and skimmer basket weekly
  • Inspect O rings and add lubrication if required
  • Adjusting pool suction and return valves on filter pump system
  • Brush and clean tiles, pool sides and step landing
  • Vacuum the pool weekly
  • Skimming with net

These are the main characteristics that you should be looking for in hiring the best Scottsdale Pool Service that would cater to your needs. By making sure that you chose the service provider that has these, you will be highly benefited in the process. This will give you the right customer service and the assurance that it is safe for you and your family.