A Fishing Tower Can Increase Your Catch and Improve Boating Safety

If your idea of a good day is spending time on your boat, fishing the local waters or in uncharted territory,consider the advantages of putting a fishing tower on your craft. These towers have become a popular accessory among anglers looking to maximize their time on the water. At Miller Marine in St. Cloud MN, you can find parts for your boat and components to create the right fishing tower for your needs. Below you will find some advantages of owning a fishing tower.

A Fishing Tower Can Increase Your Catch and Improve Boating Safety
A Different Perspective

A fishing tower allows you see the water surface from an entirely different angle. You can spot debris below the surface which usually make for a cover for a variety of fish. Weeds, submerged logs and other items can reveal a treasure trove of catch for dedicated anglers. The tower allows you to have a 360- degree view in both familiar and unfamiliar waters, allowing boaters to get to productive fishing grounds faster and bring in a bigger catch.

Safer Boating

A fishing tower can also allow you to keep a closer eye on the weather, ensuring that you will have plenty of time to head for shelter from threatening storms. The high view of the horizon allows you to scan the distance in every direction, providing an early warning system for you and your fellow anglers on board.

Better Fishing Options

A tower will also enable you to set up rigs for bottom lines at the right distance from the boat to increase your catch. You can also see where birds are flocking and follow them to advantageous fishing grounds.

Designing the Best Tower for Your Boat

Fishing towers can be designed with your needs in mind. The tower should not be too high, which can create a hazardous climb for the user. Ladders should be of substantial material and securely fastened for safe access. A forward angle on the ladder will make the climb more like stairs than a sheer climb. The band at the top should be at waist height to prevent falls. Materials should be able to withstand corrosion from contact with water and still maintain a good appearance. Boat controls should be well positioned for maximum control. Most important, the tower must comply with state highway standards if you intend to trailer the boat and must have a design the suits the overall appearance of the boat.

If you are considering a fishing tower for your boat in the St. Cloud MN area, contact Miller Marine for information about parts for your boat and a variety of accessories for an enjoyable, productive day on the water.