Top 7 Reasons To Take Admission In A Law College

If you are confused with innumerable career options and don’t know what to do after class XII or after completing your graduation, you may take admission in a law college. There are many benefits of becoming a lawyer. Here are the top 7 reasons to take admission in a law college and study law.


  1. High income potential-lawyers are one of the highest paid professionals in the legal industry. Like all other professions, all lawyers do not make big bucks. But if you study law from reputable law colleges in Mumbai or elsewhere in India and you are knowledgeable you can easily get a job in big law firms and can rest assured of huge earning potential.
  2. Respect and honour-In India and in many other countries across the world lawyers are considered to be respectable. They belong to an elite class of professionals who command respect and honour by virtue of their very position and position in the society. Since time immemorial, the career as a lawyer has been an epitome of respect and honour.
  3. Intellectually rewarding job-lawyers are problem solvers. They are analysts, and innovative thinkers who have a high level of intellect. Be it laying down business policies and codes of conduct to patenting a trade secret or assisting business organizations with mergers and acquisitions, lawyers have the intellect as well as the mental ability to do it all.
  4. Opportunity to do good for the society-if you choose to become a public interest lawyer you get an opportunity to do good for the society. You can help those who need legal assistance but do not have the resources to hire a private lawyer. Even if you choose to work as a private lawyer you can perform pro bono work to help individuals from lower income groups. Lawyers play a vital role in furthering the public good.
  5. Hone a wide array of skills-those who study in law colleges in Mumbai and elsewhere acquire a diverse range of skills during their law course. Studying law not only prepares you to work as a lawyer but also as a legal consultant, legal publisher, human resource manager, banker, financer, and even tech-savvy legal professional. Law course opens up the door to varied career opportunities.
  6. Flexibility-lawyers are autonomous and they are free to decide their own working hours, fees, and practice areas. The amount of flexibility that is inherent in this profession attracts many a people who want to enjoy their professional and personal life at the same time. If and when required, you can attend to personal matters without worrying about anything at all.
  7. Travelling and meeting new people-the career as a lawyer gives you immense opportunity to travel around the world and meet people from all walks of life, including politicians, business men, sports personal, celebrities, and many others. You would need to attend seminars, conferences, arbitrations, trials, and business deals as part of your profession.

Want to enjoy the above benefits of working as a lawyer? Check out the top law colleges in Mumbai and choose a career in a legal profession.