Tips For Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Losing weight is not just about looking good and fitting into smaller clothes but is very much about good health which has taken a back step due to current lifestyle changes. Modern and busy life has made most of us indulge in a lot of take always and fast food where eating a home cooked meal is a rare event. Busy and hectic schedules also leave us with no time for certain physical activities like walking or climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. These small things matter a lot as they are the tiny steps that you take towards a healthy weight loss regimen for being fit and active. Visit

Ten Simple Steps Towards Weight Loss

Milk is fatty and contains cholesterol but also the good ingredients like vitamins and calcium. To lose weight you never have to completely give up on your daily intake of dairy products. Gradually switch to skimmed milk from whole milk where you will reduce 70% of calories that you otherwise gain by drinking milk every day. In fact by turning on to skimmed milk you save your heart from 5 grams of saturated fats that is never good for it.

Many skip lunch and breakfast to lose weight quickly which is totally wrong and unhealthy concept. Especially breakfast is very important because if you skip it you will indulge in a heavy meal which will cost you a lot of calories

Tips For Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Gradually Increase Physical Activity Like Exercises

When you have never exercised or have been physically active in your life due to hectic eight hour desk job you never have to over indulge in it but instead take baby steps. Start off with a physical activity that you enjoy like playing squash, swimming, cycling, etc.

Start with exercising for just five minutes a day and gradually increase it to 30 minutes. Small changes like climbing the stairs and walking a little distance every thirty minutes by taking a small break make a huge difference towards losing weight.

Introduce yourself to yoga and meditation as they are excellent stress busters. Stress is the reason many indulge in junk food or food rich in high sugars and by coping up with stress you automatically reduce consumption of these dangerous food that cause havoc to your calorie intake.

Mark your Progress and Feel Motivated

Mark your progress by checking your weight every month and teat yourself with a treat like a new dress or spa treatment for the milestone you have achieved. Set aside the money that you otherwise use to buy the junk food and soda and spend it on pampering yourself with a new dress. This will keep you motivated to lose weight and quickly.

Stack fruits and make sure you have a supply that you can carry it to your office as well such that you can take a bite whenever you feel hungry.

Take time and spend at least twenty minutes to eat your food. This way you will avoid over eating.