The Secret Of Choosing The Right Window Treatment

It is not always aesthetics that has to be considered when selecting between window blinds and shades. As there are many more important features of these window treatments like privacy, light control, ease of operation and maintenance and above all energy efficiency, each of these have to be analyzed with respect to your specific need to arrive at the most logical conclusion. After all, you have to invest some amount of money to install the window treatment of your choice and you would surely like to enjoy the best value for money. Window dressings are integral part of interior decoration and not only it has to be attractive it also has to go well with the d├ęcor of the place. This way it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place where it is installed.

Depending on your functional needs, style and taste as well as budget you have to make a choice between horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and window shades.


Vertical Blinds

If your windows have additional height as compared to its width then it makes good sense to go for vertical blinds. There can be another place with glass doors that needs coverage from floor to ceiling and the cover has to be removed smoothly when the door has to be opened. In such a situation, this type of blinds is the ideal choice. The same applies for patio doors, where this remains to be the best choice. This window treatment looks stylish and elegant as compared to its counterparts and is easy to maintain. Replacement of a vane can be easily done without affecting other vanes.

Horizontal Blinds

The widest range of materials is found in this type of window treatment that is very popular and economical. From wood, faux wood, vinyl, plastic and metal you will find a variety of colors to choose from. The design can be altered by varying the width of the slats that range from half an inch to two inches. The slats are tied to one another with cords and there is a single cord provided that has to be pulled to raise or lower the blinds . The slats can be tilted in front and back for adjusting the amount of light that you want to allow and the degree of privacy that you want to maintain.

Window Shades

If you intend to have a diffused lighting environment inside with a controlled level of privacy then shades are your best bet. This is similar to horizontal blinds in the mode of operation but is made from a single piece of fabric instead of multiple slats. Moreover, it is made from fabric only as metals will not be flexible enough to be wound inside the over head frame when the shade is raised. If you want complete privacy then it has to be created at the expense of light, as you have to completely block the entry of light to prevent any view from outside.

The more skillful you are in striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics the better you are place in selecting the appropriate window treatment.