The Coming New Agent With The Last One: HTC One M10

The HTC One M9 released on the 10th of April this year, at INR 44,999 is definitely worth a buy because of the user experience, the smooth functioning of the Smartphone. Well, without saying the fact remains that the successor to the HTC One M8, the M9 quite a lot resembles to the M8; but also the quality and the zeal of this HTC One model remains.

Critics say that there is not much difference between the two models, and that a little bit of design changes will not make a good phone, but still the HTC One M9 has got an amazing response in the last three months and it still continues to be in the to have list for many. So, here is to the HTC One M9, a discussion over its features and specifications! We are also excited for the next one HTC One M10.

The HTC One M9 comes handy with an all metal body design along with its traditional curves! Well, the phone is designed in just the right ways, and the display is no less either!

The HTC theme app seems to be just the perfect kind of thing for all those self obsessed ones where your entire phone theme will be changed as per your home screen image; the colors used for apps, the widgets and everything else that follows! This one is indeed an amazing one!

The Coming New Agent With The Last One: HTC One M10

The HTC never disappoints us with its camera, and so the sapphire lens with a 20 MP camera will be a treat for all photography lovers. You will find the kind of pictures which you will fall in love with, and the phone will be no less of a tease! Even this will compete cut throat with iphone 8.

HTC Eye™ Experience software lets you edit your clicks and enhance them in just the right ways. It lets you make combinations of not just pictures but videos as well, and then the Zoe app is always there too!

The Dolby has partnered with HTC, and with its help HTC has recreated the 5.1 sound effects for an enhanced music experience and let the voice channel in both the right and left sides of your earphones just perfectly! Gaming and videos on the phone will be like they have never been before! Be it on the hands free mode or the plugged in one, your music experience will be just amazing!

The UH OH PROTECTION is yet another new thing and enw cool! Your phone is replaceable in case of damage from cracks, or water during the first 12 months since purchase! The 44,999 INR will seem to be a little worth it with this may be! But then what after the first year?

Well, this was all from the HTC one M9! Though it has been three months, the phone has done well in the market, and an HTC lover will fall head over heels in love with this phone. If someone has to spend money, then be it on an HTC and not some random newbie! Happy Smartphones it is!