Investing Safely During A Recession: Tips To Secure Your Family’s Finances

Let’s face it, it’s unrealistic to plan for a neverending booming economy in your future.  Recessions happen every couple decades, and you should make sure your family are prepared and secured financially even during the down times.  The economic cycles of ups and downs is what creates strength in our country’s financial systems.  It’s wise to do a little research, and figure out where and when your investments should go.  When the market is down, don’t lose your cool.  Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe and secure during the down times in our economy.

Prioritize Consumer Staples

Focusing your investments around uncompromisable assets will guarantee solid income, even in the worst of economic meltdowns.  Everyone still needs to eat, drink, and provide basic things for their household.  Find companies that produce these sorts of items, and prepare to invest with peace of mind.  You should also keep your eye on utility companies.  Electricity is just as vital a resource as food.

Find Companies With Little Debt

It makes sense that if you have a lot of cash, then your personal finances are probably in pretty good shape.  So if you see a company that has very little debt and a lot of value, then it should be an obvious decision for an investment.  High value speaks to high stability for the investment.  You can always find this information on any company’s balance sheet.

Diversify Your Investments

When you spread your investments across a few different companies, you will have a higher chance at making money on those investments.  The same concept can be applied to your own personal income as well.  Find a way to create income from more than one source.  Think entrepreneur.  There are many different ways to earn yourself some extra money without working a typical nine to five job.  Research the possibilities.

Don’t Take On More Debt

It’s an obvious decision to not take on any new debt if the economy is in the midst of a recession.  You should also be vigilant to make sure you have plenty of liquid assets available to you at all times.  Emergencies can really cost you, and if you are not planning for them all along, they may get the best of your family’s finances.  Even though you have an investment account set up with your local bank, getting your hands on large sums of money quickly isn’t usually an option.  There’s usually a built in waiting period.  You can set up your bank account to where you are able to withdraw a large sum of money at an ATM in case of an emergency.  This way you will have plenty of physical cash on hand no matter what life throws your way.

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