How To Use Essential Oil Diffuser

As it is well known, diffusing is an effective and simple way to use essential oils. Basically the ingredients employed in the overall process includes essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, herbal distillates, infusions, vaporizer, etc. Different essential oil diffusers are used differently. It depends what they are suited for.


It is little difficult for the beginners to use essential oil diffusers. Many people opt for simple and inexpensive diffusers. There is a diffuser known as terra-cotta diffuser which allows the oil to transpire through the walls of the container to fill the space with its fragrance. Many popular terra-cotta essential oil diffusers can be hung in any space or worn in the neck also. The pendant are made in such a way that when worn, does not spread in the skin or clothes and when hung, does not get spilled anywhere else. These diffusers release a fragrant smell in the air and these essential oils in the pendant or disks or in any container, flows continuously until the diffuser is placed in a plastic bag or by the use of something else which will smother the smell. These diffusers are reusable and most importantly requires a few drop to spread the scent.

Another type of diffuser is candle and dish diffusers. In this, there is a dish which is filled with water and the essential oils are added to it. The candle helps in evaporation of the water where; as the temperature rises the essential oils evaporate. It is essential to use water to avoid problems like unpleasant scent or burning of the dish. The dish is reusable if cleaned properly and the most important is candles should be taken special care of.

The next type of diffusers are electric diffusers which are better than candle and water for overnight use. They are safer and convenient as they are inexpensive with replaceable pads. It is simple to use by using drops directly on the pad according to the purpose, preference and the size of the space. The nebulizing diffusers instead of using heat works by using an atomizer to create fine essential oil particles and blow them in the air.

There are other ways to use a diffuser as they can be made at homes and used. Other diffuser methods that can be made at homes are simple tissue diffusion, steam diffusion, candle diffusion, and lots more which have their own pros and cons accordingly.

Thus, an essential oil diffuser is used according to the type of the diffuser and its preference. There are diffusers according to the strength of the scent along with other features and based on this purpose, the type of essential oil diffuser is preferred. A diffuser helps the essential oils to be inhaled safely which does not have any effect on the bodily system of a person in fact would be healthy. Some diffusers are also preferred at the time of sickness. And so, the use of essential oils diffusers basically depends on the preference and its type.