How To Keep Your Skin Healthy In Monsoon

Monsoon brings relief from scorching hot sun and winds but it brings a lot of health problems as well. The humidity increases in the air and it becomes favorable for air borne diseases. Microbes become highly active and start feeding on everything they get including our skin. Hair problems and skin problems increase in this season. You cannot clear the microbes from air but can prevent your skin and hair problems. Here are tips to pay heed to keep your skin healthy in monsoon.

Oil, shampoo and condition your hair frequently at least once in two days. If the problem of hair fall is severe opt for anti-hair fall shampoo and oil. Do not apply conditioner on scalp. Just condition your hair falling below your head. Conditioning the scalp will lead to more oil and when the weather is already humid it may lead to many hair problems.

You should also apply warm oil mixed with curry leaves to keep your hair black and thick. Coloring your hair is also not good in monsoon as it takes too long to wash and dry your hair. However, blow drying hair is not advised much but it’s better to use hair dryer. You can also find herbal products online to keep your hair healthy.

Using Slassy coupons also gives you the opportunity to save money. Apart from using hair care products you can also condition your hair with beer as beer is a good conditioner and leave your hair shiny and healthy. Taking care of skin is also very important in monsoon as it is the season when skin is more prone to diseases.

Experts suggest using soap-free cleansers and avoiding facials and bleaching during monsoon to maintain healthy skin as it may result in rough skin. You can also use a good scrub to remove dead skin and keep the skin moist. Toning should be done after cleaning. An alcohol-free toner contains high humidity and opens up the pores.

Don’t skip sunscreen lotions and creams even if it is cloudy because sun may not be visible but UV rays are there that may cause harm to your skin. You perspire more in monsoon than summer so opt for water-proof makeup. It will also remain intact even if you get drenched and turn off heavy make-up. Apply lotion based serum to keep your skin rehydrated.

Wash your lips before going to bed and apply milk cream. You should also apply coconut oil if your lips are slightly cracked and avoid applying lipstick. Always wash your face, hands and feet with lukewarm water after reaching home. It washes all the oil and germs on your skin as well as makes you feel fresh.

When it comes to using cosmetic products you should be choosy as you should look for only water-proof beauty products. You can find a wide range of products online and can avail discount as well. Using Purplle Coupons will make your shopping frugal as well by letting you save money. Saving money is being completely women as women are known to bargain more than men and put their best efforts to save every single penny.