How To Choose The One Among The Available Electric Bike Conversion Kits?

Trend of converting regular bikes into e-bikes with more power is catching all young and adolescents as the advantages are too many to resist the temptation. However, before choosing any one for your regular bike, it is very important to know that whether it will be the best among the available electric bike conversion kits for you or not based on certain criteria because market is flooded with such kits.


Here are some of the things that you should consider before choosing any one.

  • Distance to be covered – This is the most important criteria as if the distance to be covered by your e-bike will be more or is hilly, it is very likely that you have to buy a conversion kit that can help you to cover the distance fully without pedaling. For example, there are some conversion kits that allow up to 4 miles and some even allow up to 40 miles! Also, in case the distance is hilly, it is likely that you need more power than in comparison to riding your e-bike on a flat terrain!
  • Budget constraints – It is wise never to go for a thing which is not within your budget as there is no point in upsetting the same as with a little effort and search, you can get an alternative for the same. You can get electric conversion kits in a wide range of pricing and you just need to browse properly various websites which are offering the same online or you can also visit your local e-bike conversion kit dealer(if any) to get a good bargain!
  • Look your weight – This may feel embarrassing at the first thought but well, it is necessary as if you are over-weight then may be some conversion kits will not be too useful to you and at the end of the day, you may find yourself pedaling all the way! High voltage battery and a powerful motor are mandatory if you are on a heavier side. Ensure buying the right electric bike conversion kits for best results.
  • Placement of bike – Where do you place your bike after all day of riding? If it is your backyard, you can go for any conversion kits, but if you need to place your e-bike upstairs, then lifting a heavier e-bike with all the heavy motor and battery is not feasible at all! Remember, if you choose a kit that is making your regular bike an extra heavier, you may not place it on our car roof to tag it along with you while traveling for that extra fun!

Thus, there are a myriad of things to consider before choosing any one from the available kits in the market. You can easily find some great kits of reputed brands, which can never go wrong in terms of having quality. Most of these are super easy to install which is also necessary to consider saving an extra installation cost. However, since every individual’s needs are different, it is always recommended to ponder over all the above criteria before spending your hard earned money on electric bike conversion kits.