Happiness And Peace Comes With Comfort!

Home Needs:

Home is where the heart is! A beautiful home needs things and materials which are not only comfortable and beautiful but affordable too. Of all the things that a home needs for the family to live in peace, comfort and harmony, the best things are required for oneself to relax, take a break and stay in comfort. Every human needs to rest and unwind himself/ herself to regain the energy spent on day-to-day life’s hectic schedules. One such thing is a comfortable sleep material which is of good quality and hazard free. Sleep is not only very important for us humans to stay healthy but also a must for at least a minimum required hours.


Creation with Innovation:

Creativity along with innovation provides greatest possible solutions to all kinds of needs of the customers. One such innovation has been from the mattress stores san diego, who are the pioneers in creating various kinds of the sleep product such as mattress with prolonged comfort and customer satisfaction. Their innovation includes products created from natural latex material, non-chemical and hazard free raw materials and handcrafted with utmost precision and efficiency. Starting from a humble background with now being a family run business, the store has its own factory where all the products are created with great craftsmanship and excellence. They include both the handmade ones as well as the ones made mechanically with great quality raw materials both tested and certified for the required norms.

Products available:

The store offers various kinds of products with different raw material base and are carefully designed with keeping in mind the expectations of the customers. This includes the natural latex ones, the wool base mattresses, hand-made coil and spring mattresses and made–to-order customized ones. Their products range from daily use for home needs as well as the ones which can come in as handy when one is on a tour or vacation. The unique ones are available for vehicles especially designed for travel related purposes. One need not worry about the comfort of his/her family even while on continuous travel for leisure/pleasure – the entire family’s comfort has been taken care off with great focus and attention!

Charity begins at home:

The store has tied up with an orphanage in Mexico wherein a significant amount goes to them as a charity for a particular amount spent on each mattress. Hence the store has not only the comfort and customer satisfaction in mind but also the noble thing of helping the poor and needy. This goal is achieved by allocating a considerable amount from each sale. Every time a customer buys a product, he/she can feel happy and content that a small contribution has been made from his/her side as well directly or indirectly! It will really bring a smile on the faces of all those millions of children who are in desperate need of help as they are totally deprived of the very basic needs of daily normal life.


Being pioneers in the manufacturing of modern day comfort mattresses, the san diego mattress store has not only excelled in production and sales of their unique products but also in the field of customer service and care. Their unique way of helping the customers in viewing all the various products and to offer them the choices available according to their needs is indeed great. One such help they offer is through mattress 101 which is very unique in itself in helping the customers to find a solution to their daily needs. Their affordable and fair pricing keeps the customers always connected to them.