Handy Tips To Ensure Your New Racking Fits Perfectly

For anyone that has purchased new racking for their business and is looking to set it up in a way that looks professional within the store or factory area, what’s most important is making sure that the racks will support the products that need to be placed onto them. There are a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, which is why it can be difficult to know which ones to purchase that will match well with your store. The following will provide a whole host of handy tips that will ensure that your new racking fits as it should.

shelving storage slides

Ascertain Maximum Headroom

One of the most important aspects of buying shelving is knowing what the maximum headroom in the storeroom or storage area is, as this allows for precise measurements of how much shelving is needed. If the shelving is for customers, consider selecting units that are lower to the ground, while higher units are perfect for areas where items are being stored.

Identify The Max Length of Racking

As important as the amount of headroom is, the maximum length of racking the room can hold is just as important. When completing these measurements, make sure to account for any door openings or walkways where it wouldn’t be advisable to place racking and shelving. When measuring the length, try to find a balance between how much storage capacity is needed and how important usability for the customers is. If increased usability will damage how much stock can be placed into the area, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of either decision.

Select the Best Racking Available

When both the height and length measurements have been completed, it’s time to take a look at the racking that is available. The type that is chosen all depends on the needs of the buyer. If the shelving is for a standard stockroom, boltless shelving is perfectly capable of holding a lot of weight and is easy to assemble. However, if the racking is needed for a higher capacity, then it’s wise to select racking that is listed as heavy duty.

Choose Shelf Size That Will Adequately Hold Products

When purchasing new racking, it’s essential that the stock profile matches the shelving that is purchased. For instance, it’s important that the largest box has a shelf that is deep enough to store it. The width of the shelving must also be as wide as possible so as to ensure that the products never stick out or fall off due to being unbalanced. Always make sure to have some wasted space when it comes to the width of the shelving.

Don’t Forget to Check Everything Twice

Everyone makes mistakes and the one thing that’s highly important to avoid is selecting new racking with the wrong measurements. As such, perform all measurements again before choosing the shelving. This will keep costly mistakes from happening. The same also holds true for any shelving bays that are being used, as these need to be lengthier than any add-ons. However, it should be noted that it’s normal to change bay sizes throughout the process of putting the shelving together. By following all of these handy tips, your racking will fit perfectly the first time.
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