Do Boarding Schools Reduce The Risk Of Drug Abuse?

Sending a child to one of the military boarding schools for troubled boys is a difficult decision for parents to make. How many parents really want their child that far away from them? And how many really want to not be able to kiss their child good night at the end of each day? As difficult as the decision is to make, sometimes it’s for the best.

 boarding schools

When children are in public or private school, they are exposed to many different types of peers. Some peers will impact children positively, while others will influence them negatively and encourage them to drink or do drugs. Obviously, parents can’t be there 24/7 to monitor them, so it’s always a possibility for children to start doing drugs and drinking, which can lead to addiction or, even worse, overdosing.

The difference with schools for troubled kids is that they keep the child for more than just a few hours a day like traditional schools do. A school for troubled boys admits them for the entire school year. It can take these young men away from the negative influences that their peers have on them, while still allowing them to socialize. A boarding school for troubled youth monitors these individuals throughout the day and night, but still gives them the chance for independence. This allows these youths to make decisions and gain the independence they need, but the school watches them to keep them from using drugs or partaking in other negative behaviors. Plus, there are so many opportunities in therapeutic schools for boys or girls, that they won’t get bored and will be happy to live a drug-free lifestyle. Additionally, therapeutic residential schools or behavioral schools for boys have strict rules that must be followed. The structure helps keep the teen away from drugs.

If a teen should happen to find himself or herself facing drug addiction, there are residential therapeutic boarding schools that offer 12-step programs to help keep the youth on track. These programs take the teens away from the peers with whom they were doing drugs or drinking and replaces them with a new group of friends, a group that tends to be very diverse. Many of the male boarding schools have a support system and offer therapy to aid in the youth making a full recovery from the addiction.

Residential treatment centers for teens have the potential to keep teens away from drugs. In addition, they can prevent teens from ever using in the first place, as well as help them recover if they have been using.