Some Important Facts and Myths Related To Skin Tags

Skin tags can occur in men or women, but they usually tend to appear later in life when a person reaches at an age of 50. Even though, it is uncertain their main cause is skin friction. It has been observed that mostly skin tags appear on body parts such as underarms, eyelids, neck or in the folds of the skin. If you want to get it removed, then you should see a professional doctor who will suggest the right type of treatment. Besides this, they will guide you about the overall process and after care process.

For skin tag removal in the right way, it is very important to arrange for an initial consultation with your skin dermatologist. The skin dermatologist will determine the suitable skin tag removal method depending on the size and location of your skin tag. Even though, there are several over-the-counter treatments available, still it is better to seek professional advice of a skin doctor to ensure that you get the best and safe skin tag removal treatment.

Some Important Facts and Myths Related To Skin Tags

Important Facts about Skin Tags:

  • The main reason as to why skin tags are formed is because of the friction of skin. Besides this, genetic reasons may be also one of the causes of its development. The common reason for skin tag development is when there is skin friction and this is the reason as to why obese people and elderly are more prone towards developing skin tags.
  • Skin tags can be treated easily and getting them removed doesn’t cause much pain or discomfort. One can approach a professional skin doctor for the same.
  • Skin tags can form on any area of your skin, but they mostly occur around the eyelids, under the breast or the neck region.
  • Skin tags are not harmful, but can cause slight discomfort to the sufferer.

Some Myths Related to Skin Tags:

Along with the facts, it is very important to know about certain myths pertinent to skin tags, so that you have a clear idea about them.

  • When a person gets skin tags removed through a treatment or any other surgical method, then it does not cause them to grow back. It has been often observed that people don’t want to get it removed as they are afraid that it will lead to more growth of skin tags, if they get it removed. This is not true at all. In case, if the skin tags do grow after you get it removed, then it was meant to occur in that area. This has no connection with the removal process of skin tags.
  • Skin tags can occur in obese and elderly people, but yes, they can also occur in young people. In some cases it has been observed that genetics play a crucial role in it more than friction caused in skin.

To conclude, it can be said that skin tags should not be cause of worry for anyone. You can get it removed in a safe way by consulting a professional skin doctor.

Author Bio: Daniel Clark is a certified skin dermatologist who helps people to get skin tag removed in the right way. He likes to guide people regarding various methods and issues pertaining to skin tag removal treatment.