Literally The Gold Coast

When you are a gold trader or if you are related to gold trading in some way, the chances are that the occupation will take you to places that are amazingly friendly to you and your occupation. One of the best places I have found that was perfect from all perspectives was the Gold Coast. I made my way to the Gold Coast in January this year as I was referred by an acquaintance to a company that was based there. When I met a representative from Sell Gold Gold Coast to ply my ware of gold coins, I must say that it was one of the most pleasant experiences that I have ever had.

From the environment, the entertainment, the cultural aspects of the city and the gold traders that I had to work with, everything was beyond my expectations, in other words it was perfect. Everyone in the Gold Coast was polite, respectable and most of all, when it comes to the precious metal trade, HONEST! I had to meet 8 different traders in the city and each was competing with each other over the market share in the Gold Coast as they were the big guns in the area. However, their competition was healthy, without back stabbing tactics that were usually the expected scenario.

Literally The Gold Coast

As a matter of fact, they even recommended me to a few new market players who were relatively small, instead of killing of the new competition, these guys were actually trying to help them by promoting them to me. When I left Malaysia to meet the people to Sell Gold Gold Coast, I was actually expecting a negative environment whereby if I do business with one company, they would not be too keen on the idea of me doing business with one of their competitors, thus I was a bit cautious about what I said to them in the meeting and during coin evaluations, when the agent told me that there were other companies that would be interested in some of the numismatic coins that they were not interested in as they catered for a different market.

Just like he said when I visited the competitor, they were indeed interested in the coins that the first company was not interested in. It was only after my 5th meeting with one of the companies that I realized that they were all taking care of a segment in the market and respected each other’s boundaries. The new players or entrants were welcomed by the big guns because they saw the new players as options to stimulate the gold industry in the Gold Coast, it was an amazing experience to work with people in the gold trade who have managed to eliminate greed from the trades equation.

Anyway, regardless of what could have happened and taking business out of the equation, the Gold Coast is naturally a wonderful place to be in. The whole place has a positive persona that radiates from everyone and everything. After my dealings were concluded I actually extended my stay there for another week just to do some site seeing and make some new contacts. I will be returning to the Gold Coast soon, even if not to do business, but maybe just to be there and soak up some positive sun!