How UK Claims Figures Compare Around The World

You might be surprised to learn that the amount of reported injuries at work in the United Kingdom is favourable compared to other EU countries. In particular, the UK has relatively low rates of work-related fatalities, injuries and work-related ill health.

The chief reason for this is that health and safety in the UK has better recording, reporting and enforcement than that of most other EU countries. That’s not a brag, it’s a fact. Health and safety systems differ across Europe and while a standardized system would be ideal, one hasn’t been created yet. So for now, the UK is statistically the safest place to work.

How UK Claims Figures Compare Around The World

The latest information collected by The Health and Safety Executive shows that:

  • Over the last 10 years, the United Kingdom has consistently had one of the lowest rates of fatal injuries across the UK; less than France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • In 2007, just 1.8% of Great Britain’s workforce reported a non-fatal injury. This was similar to Germany, which reported 1.9%, but way less than Italy at 2.3%.
  • Injury figures in the UK and across the EU have shown a downward trend over the last 10 years, but faster in the UK than in many other EU countries.
  • In 2007, just 2.9% of Great Britain’s workforce reported work-related ill health, lower than Germany, Spain and Poland and the overall EU-27 rate at 5.5%.
  • In 2011, just 0.74 per 100,000 workers were involved in a fatal accident, far less than France which reported 2.74 per 100,000 workers in the same year.
  • Around 97% of UK workplaces undertake regular health and safety checks. Spain’s figure is 85%, Germany’s is 78% and France’s is 65%.

Based on these findings, the United Kingdom is, statistically, the safest country to work in within the EU. 2011 – 2015 data has not yet been published, however it is unlikely that there will be a downward trend for the safety of UK workers within any industry.

Claims for UK accidents are in-line with these figures. However, accidents in the workplace are commonly claimed for in the UK. Most accidents in the workplace are slips, trips and falls, however in construction and manufacturing, most injuries arise from machinery and plant accidents, with a lower percentage for direct electrical, fire and gas accidents.

When it comes to making a claim in such circumstances, an injury solicitor can help you to get the compensation you need to recover from your injury without financial stress.

In terms of comparing UK figures with international figures, there is no research to report on. However, it is thought that the United States and Australia have comparative safety at work figures, given their recording, reporting and enforcement infrastructure.