Dos and Don’ts Of Planning Your Living Room Space

Redecorating can be a stressful time. For one thing, anything you do usually puts that room out of action for several days, if not weeks. Then there are the endless strangers going in and out of house at all times of day. Yes, it is fair to say that not everyone enjoys the experience. Then there are the vast numbers of design choices to consider. Should I go with this paint or that one? What fabric should I use? Will I keep the carpet or change it or push the boat out and get wooden flooring? Certainly these are important questions that you need to ask yourself, and it’s no lie to say all of this can be very time consuming, particularly when it comes to doing the research. So it’s not surprising that many of us put off the revamping of many of our rooms and allow them to become outdated.

Here are some tips from Wimbledon estate agent, Robert Holmes on planning your living room space…

Dos and Don'ts Of Planning Your Living Room Space

The living room is the space we choose to relax in, we may entertain friends there, or work there, or just sit down with a cup of tea to watch ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Since this room has multiple uses, getting the design right is crucial, but where do you start? However you choose to redecorate, your design should pull the room together and have a theme. Sometimes if you start by buying just one item, it can inspire you and help you get the most out of your design. This could be anything from a new rug to an antique you have picked up while out in your local area. High street department stores are good for this, as are markets and independent shops. Making the most of fabrics you like and accessories like cushions and throws, can really form the basis of your look for the room and help you decide what colour to paint the walls.

With this in mind, remember that patterns are great for giving a room a fresh look. You can dress up the windows using patterned curtains or improve a previously dull area. You’ll need to consider the scale of the pattern, particularly if the room is small as it could overwhelm the room and be too much of a focal point. On the other hand, a small-scale pattern can make an area look delicate or make a small room look larger, just as light colours are known to do.

There are also a few do’s and don’ts when redecorating. Try to have furniture at varying heights in the room, this adds quirkiness to a room and can make the room more homely. Placing lamps at different heights will also give character to the room and create atmosphere, but do make sure your shades are up-to -date as anything too old will stick out in the room and draw focus from what you want to achieve. You may want to invest in having your curtains custom-made. For one thing, they’ll fit your windows perfectly and you can have more to do with the design process.

You shouldn’t feel daunted by your decorating choices, the room is to please you, not your friends. And don’t be afraid to experiment: you can have fun with your designs, and if you don’t do anything too drastic you can always change the look back again. Also, try not to be sentimental with old items like cushions or throws, if something is old and moth-eaten it’s best just to throw it out and start again. Lastly, keep social areas social. Don’t have one chair standing alone in the room, as when you have guests over they could feel singled out and made to feel uncomfortable by being unable to join in the fun.

These simple design tips can help you go along way when redecorating and help you enjoy something that can be stressful and take up a lot of your time. Stay upbeat and make the experience light and fun, it’s your living space after all and you should enjoy it.