Choose The Decorative Door Knobs And Knockers To Make Your Home Pleasant

Everything you touch, see or feel leave an impact on you. When the matter relates to your door knobs and knockers, it directly relates to your heart and well-being. The door knobs and knockers are the first items you or someone else see and feel on reaching your home.

When you reach the front door of your house, the first thing you touch is the knocker at the front door. It sends the signal of your arrival to the inmates of the house.

So, it means that the door knob, as well as the knocker of the door, has to be pleasing enough be it in looks or sound. It is, in fact, the medium through which a visitor gets welcome in your house. These are in fact the unwritten and unsaid facts, of which most of the people might unaware.

With the advancement in building design and architecture, the architects have started advising on this count too. They have started dictating about the design, color, looks and the even pleasant sound produced.

You may have a basic knob made of wood, metal, ceramic or rubberized material it must have adequate strength and durability. It should not be easily affected by weather conditions. The most important fact you must consider about the knob is the grip and the amount of effort applied to open it.

If you use the wooden knob, you may face difficulty in the long run that users leave their trace on it. The same thing does not happen with metallic knobs. You may think these metallic knobs as the development over wooden knobs.

Like the other feature of building and its design, the knob and knocker mechanism has also witnessed a change. Earlier the knob was visible, but in later stages, it got buried in the thickness of the door and only the handles remained exposed.

If you further go deep in the history, you will find that metallic knobs were made of solid material and even with good surface finish, these were much heavy. This also witnessed a change, and solid metallic knobs were being replaced by the knobs made of pipes and tubes. The handle of the knob was being made from a bent metal tube having a different design at both the ends.

The use of pipes and tubes brought a revolution building history and all sorts of knob were being made of pipes and tube be residential buildings, educational institutions or hospitals.

Not to surprise with, the change in design and manufacture of the door has also revolutionized the door components such as door knobs and knocker. You are already aware, earlier the doors were made of wood, which could support the heavy door knobs. But during modern days, the doors are made of composite materials, and it may support only light handles and knobs. Thus, the need arises for light in weight materials for door knobs and knockers.

With the changes and latest designs, available with metallic diversities, it is mandatory that the door knobs and knockers be in conjunction of the door design and suiting to your budget.