Bingo – The History, Types and Benefits

For years now, Bingo has become quite a popular game with thousands of people playing it as a fun filled group activity and many others favoring the rising number of available online bingo games. Some of the lesser known facts about bingo are that it was initially used as a valuable educational tool to teach probability, and the majority of bingo players are females. Many of you might be wondering about the game’s origin, its kinds, uses and online games to try out; this article will definitely enlighten you about the game’s enthralling influence.


The word Bingo is derived from the word ‘beano’, as it was originally played with beans in carnivals and similar gatherings. The game has been traced to Italian origin and has eventually gained recognition and approval in numerous countries including France, Germany, US, UK etc. In Germany, especially, Bingo was used to familiarize students with multiplication tables, to help them learn spellings, and even understand history. The game gradually became a hit at churches, charity organizations, parties, and is now played in huge Bingo halls as well as offered at various casinos.

Bingo - The History, Types and Benefits


Owing to the game’s immense popularity in various regions it is unsurprising that numerous bingo games have sprung up in both the standard and the online bingo market. Some of the most popular bingo games include the following:

Traditional Bingo: The most common kind of bingo played is the five-in-a-row-rule bingo in which players have a chance to win a game by forming vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines, a cross or even a circle.

Pattern Bingo: In this game the chances of winning are slimmed down as players have to strive to imitate a unique pattern which is already stated by the game host. It goes without saying that this particular game of Bingo induces more enthusiasm from players owing to its tricky appeal.

Online Bingo: In the recent times, Online Bingo has gained quite a momentum since it facilitates convenience of time, place and abundance of contestants. Through online Bingo, participants from all over the world can share one single platform to be a part of numerous online games, challenge opponents and win mega prizes at any hour of the day. Some of the most famous online games include Facebook Bingo, Coverall, as well as Mini Bingo. You can also play Bingo online in a language of your choice since considering its global appeal the game is now offered in multiple languages which includes German Bingo, French Bingo, and even Chinese bingo websites.


As mentioned earlier, Bingo has several advantages to offer including development of math skills and spelling words. It is intriguing to know that Bingo has also proved to be a great aid to those with memory problems. Owing to the games ability to keep a person stimulated and mentally active just like crossword puzzles and Sudoku, Bingo too has proven to increase the attention span and contribute to a sound mental health of an individual. Moreover the game not only enhances your memory power but also builds your social skills thus helping you mingle and communicate with others effectively.

All in all, Bingo’s charm is hard to ignore and sooner or later you may find yourself indulging in a game or two. So, give the plethora of online bingo games a try, and get ready to be fascinated.