3 Personal Things To Consider When Choosing Long Term Care For An Elderly Family Member

The decision to transition an elderly family member from their home into a long term care facility or nursing home is often difficult. The process tends to be emotional for everyone involved, and there are several factors to consider when choosing the best facility. If you are faced with this decision, you may be wondering how to best approach the conversation with your loved one. Coming from a place of sensitivity and allowing them to play a role in the decision process is important. Here are three personal things to consider when choosing the best long term care option for an elderly family member.

Their Health

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a long term care facility for your elderly loved one is their overall health. Some facilities offer more specialized care than others. For example, one facility may have a round-the-clock nursing staff available to administer medication and provide assistance, while another may not. Choosing a facility that provides the level of care your loved one needs can help extend and improve their life.

Their Wishes

As you start to think about having this difficult conversation with your loved one, it’s important to learn more about their expectations with regards to long term care as well as their end of life wishes. Remember that this transition will likely be incredibly difficult for them, so everyone will benefit from a compassionate approach. Discuss expectations with your loved one, talk about what’s important to them, what they want from a long term care facility, and their wishes for end of life care. While this conversation may be difficult to have, it’s incredibly important to understand these things before you choose a facility. Learning more about your family member’s wishes will help you make the right decision about long term care together.

Available Budget

When it comes to long term elderly care, budget is a concern for many families. Before you start exploring different facilities nearby, talk to your family member about their budget for care. Discuss your options for financing, and price out different facilities. After you’ve assessed your budget, connect with facility administrators to learn more about how the payment schedule is structured, and how families typically approach the process of paying for long term nursing home care. A professional facility administrator will be able to provide some helpful recommendations based on your personal financial situation.

Having the conversation with an elderly family member about long term and nursing home care is difficult. But understanding their wishes, their budget, and how different facilities can help support their health over the long term can help simplify the process. If you are faced with having this conversation with a family member, make sure to approach your loved one from a place of understanding and compassion, and let them play a role in the decision-making process. A collaborative approach to deciding on next steps will make things easier for everyone.

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