Various Types Of Bathrooms For Physically Challenged Persons

Suffering from some physical disorder and are unable to use the ordinary type of bathroom? No problem, lots of developments in the world has made it so easy. Physically challenged persons are facilitated with the modern bathrooms with the requisite facilities known as disabled bathrooms. State-of-the-art bathroom fixtures specially made for the disabled persons are a great boon.

Following Types of Disabled Bathrooms are Available in the Market:

  • Shower Fixtures – The latest technological developments have since been incorporated in these bathroom fixtures. The three sided enclosure with different sized hand rails on the three sides are so easy. The minimal floor flip of the shower is too convenient for accessing the wheelchair. Such showers with built-in bench are also available for the persons that intend to make use of disabled bathrooms without wheel chairs. Showering can be eased with the adjustable rope type sprayer linked with the shower head.
  • Bath Tub Fixtures – The trellis type handles with removable facilities connected directly to the bathtub are most convenient for the physically challenged persons. They can make use of these disabled bathrooms that are quite safe in terms of lifting of their legs and lowering of the body into the tub. Such types of bathrooms are equipped with waterproof chair of a convenient height. Likewise the easy-to-operate shower nozzle holder and accessory baskets are also so easy. Such bathrooms with extendable chairs and straddles are also quite helpful. The ease of opening and closing the entry doors with water tight seals make sitting more comfortable. Other options like tiled enclosures, air or water jets, automatic water sensors or temperature controls make such bathrooms quite comfortable.
  • Toilet Fixtures – The disabled users are provided the toilets with handles, extended bowl and other accessories that are quite easy. The most convenient lift systems acts like a lift chair preventing the leg or back stress on the physically challenged persons. The simple push button helps in facilitating privacy and independence. The hand-controlled bidet type seat is quite convenient. Not equipped with any lift system, such disabled bathrooms provide oscillating adjustable spray and continuous & warm water with regular pressure. Automatic flush sensors may be attached.
  • Vanity and Sink Fixtures – All disabled persons are not alike in terms of their physical challenges. Special types of disabled bathrooms are available with the specific sinks that may be lowered or extended to the counter outside edge in accordance with the specific disability. No cabinet is involved for keeping the underside open for accessing the wheel chair. Physical handling for turning on or off the water is eased with the automatic sensors on the faucet. Personal hygiene is ensured with the automatic soap dispenser and hair dryer options. As such the disabled persons using such bathrooms remain free from health problems that keeps them fit.

These types of disabled bathrooms give comfort, convenience and ease of use for the disabled persons. More and more developments in this field enable them to use these bathrooms in independent manners.