The Great Benefits Of Balustrading And Pool Fencing

There are many cases related to deaths as a result people falling from stairs and balconies as well as drowning accidentally in the domestic pools and spas. These risks also happen in public areas such as in offices, commercial buildings, resorts, hotels and apartments. These incidents can be avoided if everyone is careful. The best solution to this issue is by installing safety enclosures and barriers. Pool fencing and installation of balusters help greatly to ensuring the safety of your young children and other family members. Below are some benefits of installing balustrading and pool fencing by hiring

Enhances Safety

Safety is the first priority for all homeowners to ensure that their children are well secured against accidents. Safety precautions are necessary in places such as swimming pools, stairways and balconies. Currently, there is a wide range of stylish, modern and durable glass pool fences as well as balustrades for both interior and exterior needs and safety. There are different types of fittings and styles that can be used and each of them offers a perfect solution for staircase, pool railings and balconies. Panel fittings are available in wide variety and hence it will be upon you to select one you like. Many modern pool fencing types and balusters come in semi-frameless and frameless designs.

However, there are some instances when young children get their head, arms or legs caught in the spaces found in balustrade openings especially if gaps are too wide. Children also tend to fall off the balconies or staircases if there are some horizontal balustrades that are like ladder to climb up. There could also be a chance for young children to access the spa or swimming pool alone if pool fencing is not effective. Therefore, apart from fencing around the spa and swimming pool, there must also be a strict parental supervision in such risky areas.

Guidelines and Rules for Pool Fencing and Balustrading

Prior selecting the supplier and installer for pool fencing and balustrades, you should consider some factors. Check the requirements needed by your state. Most of the states require;

  1. Railings or balustrades should be at least 1 meter above from the ground
  2. Balustrades with openings should not be more than 2.5 cm.
  3. The space between the balcony surface and the bottom rail should not exceed 100mm

Safety Precautions

It is also very important for you to make sure that all the materials used for pool fencing and balustrading are highly durable and compliance with the standards of your state. However, despite the adherence and quality to the standard, parents should take safety precautions and guard their children when they are in balcony, swimming pools or around staircase. All parents should do the following.

  1. Never leave your children in the swimming pool or in the balcony without proper supervision
  2. Do not allow your children to play around the staircases
  3. Avoid placing furniture or light objects near railings. This is because children may try to climb them.
  4. Always ensure that all doors leading to balcony are locked so that there will be no access for small children.
  5. Check the pool fencing and balustrades regularly for any defective or malfunction parts. Replace or repair them immediately if found.
  6. Check if there are loose screws and bolts. This ensures that they are all in good order.

In conclusion, the above are the benefits for installing balustrades and fencing around your swimming pool by hiring the Glazing Vision Company. Hire this company and they will give you high quality services.