How To Choose The Right ( or the most suitable) Stand For A Trade Show or Event

The Stand is your presentation card for your company in any event. Selecting a clever design as well as selecting the right usage of space at the pavilion to achieve your goals at the show is a must, if you want to be successful. A good stand design won’t make it more expensive, it will simply make it better. If you don’t know where to start, in, we explain to you how to choose the stand that fits the most for your event.

Decide your Stand Budget:

Determine the ideal budget you want to invest on your stand, don’t start asking proposals without knowing how much you are willing to spend because you will be committing two risks:

1) End up choosing the cheapest Stand without necessarily being the one that gives you the most benefits.

2) Spend a lot more than advised. To give you an idea, the average prices are from 500 to 600€ per SQM in Las Vegas until 300€ per m2 in Germany or about 150€ per m2 in Barcelona.

It also depends on the stand size and the materials that are being used, withing that the price ranges quite a lot, a trustworthy professional can help you narrow your budget. Determining the budget is essential before choosing the right Stand. When we compare among designs of similar amounts, we can analyze in a clear way which one is the most adequate for us.

How To Choose The Right ( or the most suitable) Stand For A Trade Show or Event

Choose the Most Appropriate Stand Design

Once you have a fixed budget, contact with various providers and ask for a proposal that adjusts to your budget, this decision is much more cost-effective than finding a budget that adapts to your proposal.

Compare designs and proposals. Don’t hide the fact that you are looking at different estimates. In these times, nobody expects you to conform yourself with just one, they will adapt the prices knowing that they are competing with other companies in the sector.

In the moment that you made a decision between one design or another, don’t loose sight of your trade show goals. Don’t be seduced so easily with a more colorful stand designor simply a prettier one. And even more so, one that is 500€ cheaper. Analyze the different designs and keep in mind which ones can help you achieve your goals better.

Be Sure That Your Stand Provider is Trustworthy

Ask your Stand provider for recommendations, look at their website and see which companies have they worked with in the past and don’t be ashamed to pick up the phone and call a few. Be sure that you are working side by side with professionals and that the people you hire are the best ones to work with in this type of investment.

Look Over Every Single Detail Before the Trade Show Starts

Make sure to be at the trade show the day before the opening, look thoroughly at your stand, not wasting time looking at the small details is the first step and looking at what is really important.

If your stand is completed, if everything is as the Stand Constructor promised, congratulate him and then and there, it is the right moment to look at the small details and be as strict as you think you need to be.

Take pictures of your stand for your own files and be sure to publish them on your website, twitter.. There is no doubt that you have worked hard and it is worth sharing with your clients.

We wish you all our best wishes in your next trade show and next Stand!

About the Author – Alberto Sanz, CEO of nEventum, nStands, nTradeshows, nHostesses, … a wide range of sites regarding professional events whose objective is to make your exhibitions easier.