5 Life Lessons A Game Of Rugby Teaches You

Rugby is one game that involves a lot of sweat, toil and running around. Much like life in general where you need to work hard, run around and sweat it out in order to achieve or win over something. Rugby is one game where the people do wear the safety gear in order to protect themselves from the battle that lies in front of them while they are on the field. But interestingly, almost all players have alternative safety wear in their rugby kit. So for those of you who wonder why players carry such heavy rugby kits, the answer is to have more options for their safety. Doesn’t this sound like life too? Well, there are few more similarities that this game has with our lives. What are those? Let us find that out.

  • Passion and Commitment in Life is Everything – Life is all about having a strong dedication and passion towards the goal you have set for yourself. Much like the rugby players, specially the way they dive in with complete passion for the game and dedication to win is extremely important in life as well. The fear of falling or getting hurt should not stop you and even the players hardly think of that.
  • You Need to Keep Playing In Spite of the Pain – Life teaches you that you need to move forward in spite of the hardships and struggles that will come in your path. Even in the rugby field, whining or crying over the pain will do you no good. You need to fight it out in spite of the pain in order to win. So, much like playing with the pain, in life too you need to move on irrespective of the pain.
  • Life Gets Simpler when You Stay Together – Rugby is one game that completely depends on team work. Unfortunately not many people realize that team work is important even in life. The realization sinks in after facing defeat or failure. Rugby one game where winning is possible only through team work and to work together as one unit. Even in life, you need to have a reliable team to taste success.
  • Good Things Happen to People who Have Patience – This is one of the biggest lessons that must be incorporated in life as well. The game teaches you to wait for the right moment and attack or go for the chance when the time is right. In life as well, good things happen to people who wait and they need to wait with patience for the perfect opportunity for the right thing to happen to them.
  • There is No Safety Manual in Life – Life never comes with any safety manual and the danger that life poses comes unwanted and suddenly. Similarly the safety gear in this game is also less letting players fight it out on the field. This game teaches to face the challenges without the safety gear much like the challenges that we face in life without the safety gear.

This game needs to be seen with a lot of passion in order to learn the true qualities of leading a happy and good life.

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