Why Scotch Glasses Are The Only Glasses You Should Use When Drinking Scotch

A true connoisseur knows that the drinking of scotch is not just a plain act of consumption, but an experience to be slowly savoured. The glow of the amber liquid inside a cut crystal glass, great music and a relaxed pose on a couch in your home – is that not the very picture of an ideal evening spent unwinding? When you purchase the finest of whiskies, scotch, you already set yourself apart as a person of taste and distinction. No other kind will touch your refined and delicate palate. So why upset the harmony of your evening with ordinary glasses? For certain things in life, you have to match like to like, and the refractive beauty of scotch glasses is the only thing that can match the delicate scent of the whisky that you enjoy.

Why Scotch Glasses Are The Only Glasses You Should Use When Drinking Scotch

Scotch glasses are made especially for this purpose; the shape and dimensions have been fixed since the Scots first began to distil this special alcohol, and the thickness of the glass tumbler keeps the temperature of the scotch more even and constant than an ordinary glass. The weight of the glass and the thick bottom makes it resistant to cracking easily, so you can enjoy a longer life for these beautiful glasses. Moreover, the crystal accents cut in the high-quality glass not only embellish the surface but also serve a more practical purpose. When condensation from ice cubes renders the surface moist, these crystal facets give you a firmer grip by providing texture. Plus they make the glass sparkle like a jewel!

Scotch glasses are as essential to the enjoyment of whiskey as good cutlery at a formal dinner. Would you set your table with anything but the finest dinnerware and linens? Then you won’t be able to drink scotch in an ordinary glass. Don’t let your indulgence be half-heated, invest in scotch glasses of quality. The way the light cuts through the patterned glass and the clear golden liquid is an unparalleled experience. As the liquid slides from the bottom of the glass towards the rim, it leaves an elusive trail that is the sign of real scotch; with a proper set of scotch glasses, you can train your sharp eye on this mark of authenticity. Enthrall your guests as you serve your discerningly chosen scotch in these glasses that are lovingly carved with a honeycomb, diamond, and square grid patterns, reflecting light in delightful ways.

Our scotch glasses are made of high-quality glass imported from Italy, Europe and Germany, and boast of contemporary designs that hold a timeless appeal. So sit back, relax and let the classic beauty of a carefully crafted scotch glass woo your soul with its opulent seductiveness. Upscale your parties and formal dinners with the refinement of Address Home’s range of scotch glasses. Let the vessel match the nobility of true Scotch whiskey.

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