Tech and Your Large Group Event

Hosting a large group event can be a truly massive task. When you’re the one putting together a large function you gain appreciation for just how much goes into pulling the event off. Everything must be planned from the facilities, to the guest list, to catering, and more. While none of this is rocket science, everything has details that must be attended to and it can become a bit overwhelming! That’s where a little tech can come in. Here are a few tech tips to make planning your next big event a breeze.

Tech and Your Large Group Event

Keep Digital Lists

It’s a well-known fact thatkeeping a list is conducive to being more organized, and organization is a key for success. In the case of large event planning you may have several lists to work with; such as a master to-do list, the event shopping list, and the all-important guest list. To keep your lists organized, consider making them digital. Download a list or note taking app and import all your lists to it, that way you can have them at your fingertips for reference on your mobile device whenever they are needed.

Find a Good Venue

Often the venue where your event takes place is the one thing that helps lighten the load of the organizer the most. However, just as often the venue can become a burden for the organizer. The key is finding the right venue for your event. Doing an online search will yield a great number ofvenues in your area which may be suitable for your event, but finding the right one can be a little more difficult. One of the first things to consider is just how large your large group is. Compare this to the capacities given on the venue web pages, but beware: stated capacities often include outdoor accommodations, which may be precluded from use in certain seasons in many climates. Also consider the services the venues will provide to help with the event, such as catering, as these will make the job that much easier.

Make It Social

Social media can be a great way to gauge interest in your event, and calculate how many guests you will have.Creating an event Facebook page and inviting guests through it is a great way to have guests RSVP, and get involved with the event at the same time. Also consider creating and official event hashtag so that guests can tweet that they are going to the event, or tweet while they are at the event to stir the group’s overall interest. Social media can also be a great way to harness your client’s social media presence, such as by having a sign in sheet with a column for twitter handles or Facebook URL’s so that you can reach them later.