Building A Powerful Office Network With A Dedicated Server Room

How to Set Up an Office Network and Server Room 

Today, more and more businesses are following a cloud-based server model since they are fond of the simplicity and ease of installation. However, recent NSA revelations demonstrate why a cloud-based solution is unsafe and far from ideal.

By contrast, building an office networking setup with a dedicated server room pays dividends for a business with regards to efficiency and security. The following five tips demonstrate how to make a server room setup work for your business.

Server Racks Are Essential 

When you are thinking of how to set up office networks with a dedicated server room, remember that server racks are your friend. Before deciding on the server rack you need, make a list of everything that will be going on the rack. For example, servers, network switches, uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units and more should all be factored into the equation.

Once you have factored in all of these components for the server room layout, you can find a server rack that fits your needs. In the event that you think you might need larger server racks later once your server room budget grows, consider an adjustable server rack that can grow to accommodate your growing needs.

Building A Powerful Office Network With A Dedicated Server Room

Keep the Server Room Breezy with AC 

In setting up your server room, it is essential that you keep the room nice and cool. If you have several servers in the same room, the room temperature may increase dramatically, and this increase can significantly shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Protect your investment by installing air-conditioning units in the server room that ensure your room stays at an ideal temperature.

Isolate Servers for Optimal Performance 

Another important consideration to keep in mind during your network setup process is the noise of the servers. Loud servers impact worker productivity if they are in close proximity to the servers or server room, and securing servers in their own room also prevents potential theft and other security concerns.

Some server racks provide noise-dampening capabilities, making them an excellent investment for businesses in need of noise reduction.

Efficiently Manage Wires 

Setting up a server room requires effective cable management, and this process is too crucial to be overlooked. After all, a server room is filled with Ethernet cables that need to be wired efficiently, and this is best accomplished by keeping cables at their respective server rack.

RJ45 patch panels will help terminate cable runs at the rack, making them an invaluable resource when setting up the server room. Moreover, efficient cable management also helps keep servers and your server room properly ventilated. Cable ties can also help, and they are a cheap and affordable way to manage server cables efficiently.

Label Everything Simply Yet Effectively 

Finally, label everything when you set up the server room. Label and document every aspect of the setup process. After all, after a few years have passed, a new IT employee will do a better job if there is clear documentation regarding the server setup and layout. Detailed notes regarding server room setup and procedures should be printed out in order to effectively manage the server room throughout the duration of a business.

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