Additions or Subtractions Of Dedicated IP Addresses Are Possible

Sharing the same host with other websites may not matter much if you are only using the Internet for educative or entertainment purposes. However, if you have created your very own virtual home with a specific domain name attached to it, you will need something known as a “dedicated IP address” to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

What exactly is a dedicated IP address and how is it useful?

  • If you were to consult remote technical support on the Internet, their experts would tell you that the term refers to a unique address with an SSL Certificate encryption, which is linked exclusively to your hosting account.
  • Since it is linked to a particular domain, you may have to purchase your dedicated IP address. Sometimes, your web host, such as GoDaddy, for example, offers it free along with the SSL Certificate.

Additions or Subtractions Of Dedicated IP Addresses Are Possible

How will you add your dedicated IP address to your shared hosting account?

  • Do you see an icon titled, Web Hosting? Well, click upon it.
  • Select Options, and click on it.
  • Once again, hit the mouse button for Customize.
  • You will be taken to the Server IP menu, wherein you must opt for Add Dedicated IP.
  • Wait for 24 hours, for it takes time for your unique IP address to become operational.
  • After that, all the domain names will be directed towards your dedicated IP address.

In case, you have taken recourse to purchase on credit, please click on Apply Dedicated IP Credit, instead of just ‘Add Dedicated IP.’ Alternatively, if you desire a credit purchase, select Checkout for completing the transaction.

How will you remove your Dedicated IP address from your shared hosting account?

  • You will have to go through the same process as outlined above, beginning with Web Hosting and ending with Server IP menu.
  • However, select Remove Dedicated IP this time round.

As the MICROSOFTWARE team support members will inform you, a solitary server taking charge of diverse hosting accounts cannot prevent your privacy from taking a hit. Now you will not have issues with regard to this aspect.