5 Reasons To Pursue Ongoing Chiropractic Care

Do you experience long-term pain? Chronic migraines or headaches? Having difficulty sleeping or lacking enough energy? If so, you may benefit from the effects of long-term chiropractic care. Studies have shown that people who use chiropractors as their primary care provider will see 43 percent fewer outpatient procedures, 43 percent reduction in hospital visits, as well as a 52 percent cut in your pharmaceutical costs. Not to mention, 32 percent of chiropractic patients report better sleeping immediately following treatment. Chiropractic care can affect your overall health and wellbeing, saving you time and money on more costly, invasive medical procedures. Here are a few of the main reasons you should pursue continuous chiropractic care.

Fewer Headaches

In the millennia of the migraine, everyone is looking for reliable headache relief. Medications can prove unhelpful for many people and you may be struggling through each day with chronic pain. Chiropractic visits may be able to aid you in your quest for wellness. Up to 22 percent of patients who seek headache relief from chiropractors will see a 90 percent reduction in their migraines in just two months of treatment.

Decreased Medication Use

It seems like there is a pill for everything these days, but are you overusing medications? The ideal option when looking for pain relief or help in your overall health should be the route that does not require drugs. Long-term drug use can have damaging effects on your system and should only be pursued if other methods do not work. Regular chiropractic care has been proven to decrease your overall dependency on medication by as much as 51.8 percent.

Strengthened Immune System

This one is often a surprise to most patients. But recent studies have shown a correlation between regular chiropractic care and overall resistance to disease. Dr. Ronald Pero of the Preventative Medicine Institute of New York performed a study that demonstrated patients who receive regular chiropractic care have immune systems strengthened by as much as 200 percent more than those who do not receive chiropractic care.

Improved Posture

Many Americans spend as many as 8 hours per day hunched over their desk staring into a computer screen. This can be very damaging to your posture and, by association, your overall health. By having regular chiropractic care to reinforce good posture, you can reduce up to 30 pounds of pressure on your neck everyday.

Better Mood

While you may not be visiting a chiropractor because you are depressed, the visit has been proven to uplift your mood. By receiving regular chiropractic treatments your hormones will become more balanced and you will feel happier following treatment. Chiropractic visits have also been shown to release dopamine in the brain contributing to overall happiness.

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