Top 5 Fitness Tips To Stay Active Over 40

Ageing is a natural phenomenon, which we cannot stop, but we can slow down this process by staying active. That is why it becomes imperative for us to indulge ourselves in different physical activities in order to stay active and free of various body ailments. In this article I am trying to bring those key points into the limelight, which general public doesn’t consider important. Do you want to use herbs for curing ailments and enhancing the concentration level and brain power? You can consider growing Mitragyna speciosa in your home.

Top 5 Fitness Tips To Stay Active Over 40


You are supposed to do a good amount of warm-up exercises irrespective of the age group or the kind of exercise they do. Actually, this becomes more important for older people who are more susceptible to different kind of injuries while exercising. Proper warm-up will enhance the blood flow and it will also increase the flexibility of your joints. This will make you do complete range of motion of every exercise. Moreover, it also prepares you mentally to do a proper workout. You can opt for easier aerobic exercises before moving to intense exercises of the same category. A warm-up set of bench press can be performed with barbell only.


Don’t confuse with the stretching and warming up, they are not alike. Warm-up is done before exercise, whereas, stretching is done after the completion of your exercise routine. Stretching will increase flexibility in the people who have lost it.


You are lifting weights and challenging your body, but you cannot do that at the expense of right form and technique. In the starting put more emphasis on maintaining a good form and technique so that you will benefit the most. In the absence of the right form, you may get some injury and wrong technique will also leave adverse effects on your muscles. Don’t swing the weight; perform every repetition with full control. Concentrate on the muscle group which you are targeting by doing that exercise.

Recovery Time

You cannot give the same recovery as a young chap to your body, you need more recovery time. Hear the voice of your body and give it the required time to rest and to recover. Your muscles will grow and they will become stronger when you are resting.

Find the Right Activities

It is up to you to indulge yourself in a physical activity of your choice. An activity which is selected as per your work schedule and your liking will keep you active for a long time. You can opt for badminton, baseball or even tap dance. If you like dancing, go for it. Don’t go for an activity which you don’t like because you cannot carry it for long and don’t indulge yourself in an activity which is not appropriate for your age. Plant Mitragyna speciosa  in your back yard and benefit from its excellent medicinal properties.

You can also make a group to do exercises. The people of the same age group nearly have the same level of fitness. Most of the people get bored with the same kind of physical activity. You are supposed to change your fitness program at regular intervals to avoid boredom. It will be good if you hire a trainer for a couple of months.