Hot Spring and Mud Spas In Vietnam – Secrets For Skin Beauty

Hot spring and mud is the natural resources which adorn and nourish your skin. It is proven that taking hot spring and mud bath can benefit your health and beauty. Vietnam is located in tropical and temperate zone which is well known for high humidity, abundant sunshine and rainfall.

Due to this tropical country’s characteristic and hot spring and mud’s benefits, some famous spa resorts have been opened. One of the attractive destinations for tourists to relax, seek for happiness and peace is Thap Ba hot spring center in Nha Trang. Surrounded by natural gorgeous landscape and unique building, Thap Ba resort is considered as a paradise on land. Have you heard that hot spring and mud bathing have a lot of health and beauty effects? Going to Thap Ba resort, you will surprise with various supplied services. Mud bath and the pool of hot mineral water will let you know how to get lighter skin . Secrets of natural mineral in mud will make your skin look younger and lighter. It is the great time to come with your friends and your family to create a lot of memories through taken photos. Even you are able to relax all your senses and reduce stress as well as get rid of tension with massage treatments combined with modern techniques. Thap Ba spa is the first organization that gives visitors mud bath and hot spring services. More and more people come to visit Thap Ba. Each year, it attracts thousands of customers and visitors. The prices are quite reasonable and affordable compared to western services. There are various choices and prices to choose. The cheapest cost is 120.000 VND. If you want to relax alone, you can choose the private bath with one or two people. If you come with your family, the best option is public bath.

Another destination for mud bathing that attracts many visitors is Binh Chau, Vung Tau spa resorts. Unlike Nha Trang, the bath in Binh Chau Vung Tau is made from dried mud soaked with cajeput oil. After taking a bath for 15 minutes, you will be instructed to apply cajeput oil on the whole body and let the mud dry for 30 minutes. Finally, relax in hot water for 15 minutes. Compared to Nha Trang, Binh Chau and Vung Tau services are more expensive. However, it has a lot of hot and comfortable services, including tennis courts, a water park. The warm 260oC spring will bring the tourist the pleasant and relaxed feeling. It is the best idea to wake up early in the morning and wander on the street where numerous bars and restaurants are located.

The third place I would like you introduce to someone who are the fans of mud and hot spring bathing is Phuoc Nhon, Da Nang. Mud bath is the new service in Da Nang. Phuong Nhon hot spring is situated in Phuong Son village, Hoa Khuong ward, Hoa Vang district. Services here which includes mineral mud bath, warm and cool mineral water soaking and various VIP services with massage and physical therapy have received good feedbacks from customers and visitors. Coming Phuong Nhon mud bath, they feel free and relax in spirit, strong in health and beautiful, glowing lighter in skin. Moreover, Phuong Nhon spa resort also has restaurant with capacity of 200 guests. In future, this resort will be invested with branded bottled water laval line and modern systems imported from Europe.

The endless mineral mud and hot spring are the valuable resources as the nature’s gift. Mud from these three spa resorts I introduced has abundant necessary minerals, which help to prevent and cure diseases, restore energy and boost immune system as well as maintain the young beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s travel and relax with the mud bathing services in Vietnam.

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