If you think that you are a pro in the e cigarette use, you may actually be missing very serious information concerning the whole thing. Many e cigar manufacturers know how to treat their consumers to a point that they cannot fall in any blame should their products have any side effects. Unfortunately, majority of those who started to vape in order to flee from tobacco addiction (found in the traditional cigarettes), have gotten it wrong after finding themselves captives of smoke addiction. However much E Smoke can be declared safe than the traditional cigarettes smoke, there will always be many reasons to disapprove it. Here are some of the few things e smokers do not want to know:

E smoke is just the traditional cigarettes’ smoke in disguise

E smokers pride themselves in inhaling an aerosol vapor which to them is safer than the common cigarette smoke. What they do not however want to know is that, apart from water, glycerin, flavorings, as well as propylene glycol, this vapor also contains the highly addictive nicotine which many dread in traditional cigarettes. This truth however, is unbearable to many e smokers who want nothing to do with you when you try to unravel the truth to them.

There is no guarantee that you won’t die from e smoking

Majority of antismoking advocates as well as public health officials usually advocate the use of e cigs since ‘they are less toxic than the normal cigs.’ However, there is no guarantee that e smoking cannot kill you or give you cancer. What many e cigarette manufacturers keep on telling e smokers is that these cigars ‘are less harmful’ or ‘better than a cigarette.’ There is no time they will say that they are totally better than the other cigarettes. This means that you can still suffer from cancers caused by the usual cigs.

This may not be the surest way to quit smoking

The fact that e smoke still contains nicotine means that it is still hard for smokers to quit smoking once they start vaping. In fact, some smokers either quit smoking and start using e cigarettes, or just use both cigarettes. This therefore, usually becomes hard for many smokers to quit from smoking.

E cigarette manufacturers are taking the advantage of no regulations to help you continue vaping

Although there are as many as 250 e cigarette brands that are sold globally, there still remains lack of regulating them. Many governments have failed to come up with rules concerning the manufacture, advertisements and the use of e cigarettes. Unknown to many e smokers, majority of e cig manufacturers are using this as a loophole to continue supplying you with their narcotic flavors which may at long last affect you if their use is not regulated.

Vape at your own risk!

The fact that there are no regulations regarding both the manufacturing as well as the use of e cigs, gives the manufacturers as well as the sellers of  electronic cigarettes an upper hand to sell you these products so that you can smoke at your own peril. Therefore ,unless regulations are set to help users to be able to go a mile further and sue any e cig manufacturer(in case of any problem on his health),many of those who love the e smoke will continue to use the cigs at their own risk meaning that many can still get cancer and even die.