Everything You Need To Know About Fire Ants

Is your house or neighborhood is under attack of fire and you are afraid of them? You can get rid of it after knowing a bit about it and the methods to keep them away.

The Fire ant is the common name for many species of ants in the genus Solenopsis. They are stinging and also called red ants due to their light brown color. Its body is divided into three parts: the abdomen, the thorax and the head. They also have a pair of antennae and three pairs of legs. They are known for their bite, sting and injecting the toxic venom called Solenopsin. Their sting have a fire like burning sensation that’s why they are called Fire ants.

They have the capability to survive in extreme weather conditions. They normally feed on high protein foods, but their favorite foods is honey dew. These ants cause damage to agricultural assets apart from roads, electrical equipment, driveways and sidewalks.

Thus, it is necessary to keep off these fire ants effectively. Foll are the methods that can be adopted to achieve the goal:

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Ants

1. Baits

If you are a professional or an aware resident willing to carry out your own programs to get rid of fire ants, then fire ant baits are recommended for you. The reason being highly effective, inexpensive and safe for the environment. It also allows the ants to carry the poison to the nest.

No much complexity is involved in using baits. The baits consisting of a yellow matrix of de-gelled corn grits and coated with soybean oil containing the toxicant are put out when ants are seen walking on the ground. You will find the ants foraging overnight on the bait.

2. Homemade Remedies

You can get rid of fire ants following some homemade remedies:

(a)    Locate and seal the entry points of fire ants in your home.

(b)    From the entry point of fire ants to their trail apply insecticide. Keep in     mind not to use outdoor baits indoors because it will attract more ants in the home.

(c)    Locate the colony of the fire ants and destroy it. It may be bushes, pipes or     sidewalks edges. Thereafter, use individual mound treatments, baits or     over-the-counter insecticides.

(d)    Pour boiling water on a colony. It is about 60 % effective. Use at least 03     gallons of water in an attempt to reach the reproductive areas of the mound.

(e)    You may use soapy water too, as it is also about 60 to 70 % effective. It     may kill only a portion of the colony or cause it to move.

3. Use of Professional Services

If you apprehend that you or your property is under attack of fire ants, feel free to call statewide toll-free number staffed by the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) (1-888-434-7326) for help. Someone from this department would provide you the needed help. You can also get required information regarding fire ants from there.

If you happen to hire private and professional pest control operator, discuss the merits of various ants treatments with respect to efficiency and safety for the environment first.