The Pros And Cons Of Oral Versus Injectable Hgh

Human Growth Hormone is a hormone released by pituitary gland situated in the brain. It is beneficial for your body’s growth and aging process. It also helps to regulate your body composition and body fluids. Besides, these hormones also regulate the sugar, fat metabolism rate, the muscles, bone growth and heart functions.

With the scientific advancements the human growth hormone is available in the market in oral and injection form. Initially, it was intended to cure the patients patients suffering from acute ailments. Artificially synthesized by the medical experts HGH was available in the market in injection form but in later stages it has come in oral form.

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Different companies produce injectable or oral HGH and claim the benefit of one above the other. Thus leaving the consumers confused. Here are a few facts about oral and injectable HGH entailing their pros and cons.

1. The dosage of HGH is highly important for its long term effectiveness. The low dosage may not achieve the desired results for you, at the same time high dosage may create health related issues to you. So, it is better that HGH is taken in right quantity. If you take HGH through injections then the control in your hand is less than that of oral form. So, the HGH supplement in oral form is better, if you are concerned about your long term health.

2. The injectable HGH has positive effects on your body composition such as lean body mass, fat mass, fluid volume, bone mineral density, muscle strength, enhanced exercise performance, cardiovascular improved health, metabolism such as enhanced energy expenditure and protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, immune function, psychological well-being and quality of life.

3. The oral sprays of HGH contain recombinant human growth hormone (r-HGH). It does contain the other things too, but the main ingredient by volume is water. The ethanol is also used in oral sprays to prevent bacterial growth, but the effect this alcohol. Check the content of alcohol as its high concentration will render the r-HGH inactive.

4. Whenever you wish to use HGH, do it under the supervision of doctor only. The claims by different companies is too confusing. Since I-HGH is available in the market for longer time it is well advertised than that of oral HGH which is available in the form of oral pills, tablets or capsules.

Whether you take I-HGH or oral HGH, it is claimed that use of HGH will result in decrease in your fat, average increase in your muscles and lead to your lean body structures, improve your skin texture causing more youthful appearance to you. Your skin becomes thicker having fewer skin wrinkles, your bone density will increase. If you suffer any fracture, injury or wound, you will experience sooner recovery. Your immunity will enhance considerably and your body will be resistant to infection. HGH enhances you brain function resulting retention of your intellect with aging. Last but not the least you will have better sex drive, quality sleep and exercise tolerance.

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