Awesome Ways To Have A Fun Evening Out With Friends

Here is a list of unique and interesting ideas you could use to transform your evenings with friends and make them a lot more enjoyable.

1. Clip Shows

Meet up and arrange a clip show of your favourite television series. That’s an episode that primarily contains extracts of previous episodes rehashing past occurrences in the form of flashbacks. Enjoy looking back to your favourite moments, and discussing the craziest and funniest memories of the past season.

2. Try something new

Brainstorm and think of a new hangout you could all go to. No need to visit the same retreat every time. It pays to be spontaneous and select a new dive bar or a new café to spend your evening at. This will incorporate an element of novelty in your time.

Awesome Ways To Have A Fun Evening Out With Friends

3. Let Your Imagination Flow

This weekend, make it all about creativity, innovation and imagination. Make a short sketch or a film that you can record. It doesn’t have to be perfect or professional, just incorporate your originality and innovation and come up with a recorded piece that you will enjoy planning, executing and then watching and re-watching.

4. Prank Wars

Here’s a fun way to spend your time with friends! Split up into two groups and participate in a prank war lasting the whole weekend. Play practical jokes on each other and transform your day from boring to fun in seconds.

5. Enjoy The Happy Hour At Your Favourite Venue

Happy hour is when bars, restaurants, stadiums, and bowling alleys sell alcoholic drinks like wine, cocktails and beer at a discount, not to mention a discounted menu and free appetizers. So make the most of these free and discounted giveaways, and spend an evening eating out on a budget!

 6. Try Your Hand At Laser Tag

Seriously, this recreational activity will never get old! It’s one of the best ways you can make your time with friends interesting, fun—and colourful! While laser tag is an underrated and underappreciated, it deserves greater popularity as it’s a great game for all ages.

7. Binge-Watch Disney

What better way to spend time with friends than to spend your favourite Disney classic movies that you used to love as kids? Scour the attic for dusty old DVDs or rent them for cheap at the neatest movie store.

8. Go On A Road Trip

Road trips are always great, but it’s double fun when you’re with your closest friends. Take a day or two out of hectic study or job schedules and just live it up, make some poor decisions and indulge in some bad behaviour—because a little bad is always good!

9. Camp Out For A Night

Go old fashioned and try camping out in some remote back country that does not support Wi-Fi. Leave your iPads at home and enjoy connecting with nature.

So make the most of your time with friends and maximise the fun element by trying some of these unique ideas. If nothing else, you can always meet with friends at your favouritw hangout place!

Craig loves staying up to date with all sorts of fun and fascinating titbits and writing about them. When not working or blogging, he loves to spend his time at Marcos.