A Quick Look At Bosch Drill Bits For Masonry & Concrete.

When buying any tool one of the most important things we need it to do is to last a long time. This especially applies to drill bits where the rate of wear is very high. Of course the speed at which a drill bit wears out is dependent on the material being drilled and so we have to choose carefully and make sure we get the right drill bit for the job.

Bosch are a very well known and respected name and deservedly so. They make a very comprehensive range of drill bits which are readily available at competitive prices.

Bosch Masonry Drill Bits are used for working in masonry, sandstone, natural and artificial stone, concrete and can be used with all impact drills. They are available individually or in economical 8 piece sets and offer excellent value for money.

Bosch Multi-Construction Drill Bits are made from tungsten carbide tip for precise spot drilling and offer a very versatile drill bit which can be used on a wide variety of materials including brick and concrete but also wood, metal, plastic and tiles. The multi-construction bits eliminate the need to carry different types of drill bits and therefore save time and money and so are a very handy piece of kit to carry in your toolbox. These excellent bits come in a wide range of sizes from 5x85mm to 12x250mm.

If you are using an SDS+ hammer drill then Bosch also have that covered with the X5L range. These durable drill bits make accurate holes, even through Rebar, and feature a four cutter head made of solid Tungsten Carbide. They provide an unbeatably long life at a constantly high drilling speed in concrete, especially in concrete with rebar. The main cutter is supported by secondary cutters during drilling which causes the concrete to be broken down into smaller particles, making it virtually impossible for the bit to get jammed in concrete with rebar.

There are others in the range too but this brief look gives you an idea of what is available for general use. At their very competitive prices through retailers like Orbital Fasteners and great durability you will not find a better drill bit for your needs than Bosch.